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General Talk
Check here daily. All the time. As much as possible! We will post about things going on within our community right here. Changes to the site, upgrades, contests, Pagan events, etc! Check here!
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Last Post: We are back!
1,787 18,294
We are back!
Say hello in our Introduction Forum, discuss current events or tell us about your day in Just Talk.
Topics: 74,977 Posts: 1,361,432
74,977 1,361,432
Cloaked Raven
What's On Your Mind - Part 2
Just Talk (54,091/964,858)
Just Current Events (2,302/35,698)
Shop (3,583/25,891)
Political Pagan (14,997/334,981)
You'll find the MW Bookworms in here. All things related to books, poetry, literature and Pagan Authors can be found here, including the MysticWicks Library.
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Last Post: Writing a book
12,933 84,166
Writing a book
The MysticWicks Library (4,273/4,672)
The Authors' Circle (981/13,665)
Books (2,770/31,247)
Poetry and Literature (4,905/34,578)
Share your troubles or offer your support in these forums. Send energy to those in need or light a candle on the virtual altar.
Topics: 11,222 Posts: 142,267
Last Post: need some help
11,222 142,267
need some help
by Tazicat
Energy Requests (6,421/89,272)
Altar of the Ancients (2,179/16,135)
These forums are to discuss the things that distract us and relax us. Games, music, movies... whatever it is that helps us escape the everyday stress goes in here. Almost everything. No gutter talk!
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20,128 588,876
The Game Room (339/8,476)
Music (3,506/45,435)
TV and Movies (3,290/50,217)
Just Silly (12,613/481,173)
Sports (375/3,570)
If you enjoy Politics or Philosophy this is the place for you. Discover something new in the Science or Tech forum or explore the History of the world we live in.
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10,460 115,485
Theology and Philosophy (2,141/45,367)
History (2,035/16,788)
Real Science (2,021/19,662)
These are the forums for everyday life. Everything from raising children to home repair can be discussed here.
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Last Post: What's for dinner?
28,136 414,801
What's for dinner?
Family and Parenting (5,877/96,026)
Critter Chat (5,355/69,999)
Pagan Spaces (888/11,460)
The MW Kitchen (848/11,538)
The Green Room (2,579/23,851)
A Pagan's Life (1,187/46,668)
Tools of the Trade
The Tarot forum! Anything and everything about Tarot and related Pagan or non-pagan topics. Tarot classes, tarot readings, and more...
Topics: 6,046 Posts: 54,128
Last Post: A Tarot Witch?
6,046 54,128
Humming Bird
A Tarot Witch?
Tarot FAQ (50/303)
Tarot Portal (18/754)
Tarot Review (72/545)
Reference information on incense, herbs and oils and their uses both medicinially and magickally. Discuss favorites and how to's.
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918 10,207
Anything and everything about Runes. Discuss here.
Topics: 391 Posts: 4,747
391 4,747
Great intro video on runes
Astrology related discussions. A complete class is freely availiable and tons of information can be found regarding the subject in this forum.
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Last Post: What's your sign?
2,325 20,070
What's your sign?
by Tazicat
Chart Requests (227/1,026)
for discussion of technique, theory and practice of meditation. Share resources, experiences and methods.
Topics: 171 Posts: 1,709
Last Post: Ho'Oponopono
171 1,709
Qabalah, Cabala, Qaballah, Qabala, Kaballah, Kcebealla
Whatever your choice of spelling, come in to share your knowledge or to learn from others.
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Last Post: Point of view
46 603
Mazzaroth 5738
Point of view
Divination of all forms other than the Tarot are being discussed in here. Dream interpretation and discussion, runes, geomancy, crystal balls, and more.
Topics: 3,634 Posts: 32,133
Last Post: bird crabs
3,634 32,133
bird crabs
Dream Interpretations (724/3,998)
Discussion of Reiki, Empathy and other healing practices. General Reiki discussion not pertaining to healing should also go in here.
Topics: 575 Posts: 5,746
575 5,746
For discussion of all things related to crystals and stones. This includes divination, jewelry, and whatever uses you find for them.
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Last Post: Fossilized wood?
1,522 17,941
Fossilized wood?
Pagan Life
This is a spiritual version of Just Talk. This forum is not just for Pagans, but all members who want to discuss various spiritual topics that don't fit the other forums. If you are unsure where a thread goes, post here and if needed it will be moved to the correct area.
Topics: 3,992 Posts: 78,950
3,992 78,950
Moon phases and signs
by Mairwen
If you are new to the Pagan Path or you just have a few questions. This is a good place to start. Newbie Pagans are very much welcome here at Mystic Wicks. You might also want to try searching the forums first.
Topics: 3,954 Posts: 54,661
Last Post: actuality
3,954 54,661
by gab353
New Pagans FAQ (15/55)
Website Analysis (110/2,026)
This forum is for advancing Pagans to discuss ways to expand their knowledge beyond the basics. Debate is encouraged but Respect is required. Be prepared for heady conversation.
Topics: 200 Posts: 4,617
200 4,617
Selfishness in Casting
by Mairwen
Discuss your Path. Find threads specifically about Wicca, Hinduism, Satanism, or whatever it may be.

This forum is absolutely not for heated debate or jokes. If that is your intention go to the Theology forum or Just Silly. The Respect rule is heavily applied in this forum and subforums contained within. This is non-negotiable. This is the "safe place" to talk about your beliefs.

Topics: 5,647 Posts: 99,351
5,647 99,351
Getaways in Valencia
by gab353
Paths: Eastern Paths (318/2,777)
Paths: New Age (29/319)
Paths: Non-Theistic (262/2,690)
Paths: Pantheism (223/4,016)
Paths: Recons (470/6,895)
Paths: Satanism (82/2,294)
Paths: Shamanism (162/1,948)
Paths: Wicca (396/13,888)
Paths: Witchcraft (117/3,394)
Other Pagan Paths (103/959)
God and Goddess, Myths and Folklore discussion forum. Whomever they are to you, this is the place to discuss it. Questions, theories, classes, debates, and more.
Topics: 3,580 Posts: 48,128
Last Post: Odd Superstitions
3,580 48,128
Odd Superstitions
Myths and Folklore (112/892)
Share your experience with Magic and Rituals. All forms of Magic: Ritual Magic, Candle Magic, Green..etc. Discussions from creation of Rituals to casting of Circles. Newbies and veterans are all welcome.
Topics: 5,047 Posts: 66,028
5,047 66,028
Ostara 2019 / Spring Equinox.
Spell Crafting (34/210)
UFOs, ghosts, energy fields, sleep paralysis, ESP, hauntings, psi, etc. From Bigfoot to Loch Ness you can talk about it in here.
Topics: 1,138 Posts: 14,095
1,138 14,095
Rain Gnosis
taste of honey in mouth?
Cryptozoology (146/1,831)
Ghosts and Hauntings (610/7,695)
World Mysteries (79/993)
Exopolitics... Political and Social Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence here on Earth
Topics: 103 Posts: 1,450
103 1,450
Sightings (2/34)
Topics: 635 Posts: 9,029
Last Post: Do you like crowds?
635 9,029
Do you like crowds?
by Mairwen
Empathic Bunker (209/3,202)