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  • CoT FAQs

    Please PM me or GreenEyes Blue Soul if you have questions.

    CoT FAQs: General
    • RESPECT: Students and Teachers will be treated with, and will treat each other with Respect. Please review the The MW Rules if you have questions.
    • Drama, trolling, spamming, flame wars, baiting and harassment are not allowed.
    • Interpersonal conflicts will not be aired in CoT.
    • The CoT Manager, GreenEyes BlueSoul, Mol, and Teachers have the right to disallow enrollment of a member in any CoT class.
    • The CoT Manager, GreenEyes Bluesoul, and Mol have the right to disallow a member from teaching.
    • Per the owners of MW CoT classes will not be adminned as the rest of the site is. Any concerns about actions, or rule violations should be pm'ed to SwordsFlameSong, and GreenEyes BlueSoul.
    • Any "adminnable" issues in CoT will be dealt with privately so disruption of classes can be kept to a minimum. Teachers, students, and lurkers will report via pm as requested above. The one exception is spam posting. This should be reported via the "report" button.
    CoT FAQs: Students
    • Students must be 18 years or older to take a CoT class .
    • Students will notify the teacher if they plan on dropping the class - if this is the teacher's preference.
    • Students will notify the teacher if they are taking a break - again this is based on the teacher's preference.
    • Students may not start their own threads within a class sub-forum without teacher permission.
    • Non-registered "students" following a course must request permission from the teacher prior to posting.
    CoT FAQs: Teachers
    • A teacher has to be 18 years or older to teach a course in CoT.
    • A teacher has to have been a member of MW at least 4 months, and have a post history of 100-200 posts before "applying" to teach a course.
    • Teachers must review the MW Copyright/Fair Use Policy when creating course content here.
    • A teacher needs to contact the Cot Manager (SwordsFlameSong) for permission to teach a class .
    • The teacher will provide the CoT Manager with an outline of the proposed class and a biography of the teacher's experience in the topic.
    • A teacher has the right to create additional rules for their class - these rules must be run by the CoT Manager, and GreenEyes BlueSoul prior to posting .
    • If a teacher has real life issues that will cause a break in the class please let the CoT Manager know if it will be over two weeks.
    • If a teacher simply up and leaves the class for six weeks with no word it will either be closed or a substitute teacher will be found.
    "Doesn't respond well to bullies, baseless allegations and narrow-mindedness. Approach at own risk if participating in one of the above. :uhhuhuh:"

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