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  • Magickal Sewing

    I am in the process of putting together lessons and assignments about Magickal Sewing.
    Lots to do still but wondered who would be interested if we can get permission to have the classes back here again.

    There will be lessons on How to add meaning with Colours, Numbers, Material, Symbols. How to create a Sacred space for sewing, Creating a Magickal atmoshere to work in.
    Assignments will include making items like pincushions, tool holders.
    Making an item for a magickal atmosphere.
    Classes will also include Poppets, Sachets, Dream Pillows and Goddess dolls.
    Everything will, be easy to make and no sewing experience is needed and you will not need a sewing machine, if you have one that is fine but it is not needed to take part in the clases.
    I am not an expert at sewing just an enthusisatic crafter.
    Things you will need will be:
    Folder or Journal for keeping your information in that will end up in your BoS.
    Material scraps, felt, sewing needles, thread, embroidery floss, toy stuffing, scissors, pencil, tailors chalk, a Kilner Jar ( not the clamp down sort the screw top type)
    More will be made clear when I can get the lessons posted up.
    So who would be interested?
    With Love and Light

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    I looove sewing. And need to do more of it! I would love to stitch some magic into it!


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      soooo up for this, sounds brilliant count me in xx