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Co-teachers for Native American Spirituality class

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  • Co-teachers for Native American Spirituality class

    This is a work in progress...
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    I've been on this path for a long time but i don't feel qualified to teach. So close but...grr...not yet. But I'd be happy to get coffee and doughnuts for the real teachers.
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      This is a sharing what we have to share class. Its not..this is the way follow us class!!
      co-teachers will learn too!!!


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        Can I be teachers's pet? Huh, can I please???? Huh huh, can I?????

        I promise to behave and not let semicivilizedman lure me off task.
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          I'm willing to share experiences.
          The monkey formerly known as semicivilizedman.


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            I strongly recommend not allowing Tzhebee in this class. She is extremely disruptive and very unwilling to share muck. Must we repeat such unfortunate incidents, Tz?
            The monkey formerly known as semicivilizedman.


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              I've had many years of study and more than a bit of practice on the Red Road, so let me know if I can help!
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                im willing to share what i know. im not well versed on lore. just whats in my heart and soul memory. i had an interesting dream lately if anyone wants a bash at it .. it was very moving for me.

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                  If I am still wanted as a "teacher" I will teach.


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                    I'm nowhere near qualified to teach, but will happily participate!
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                      I don't know anything about this path but would love to learn!!!

                      What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about?


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                        I say we should have open discussions in class. I feel we all learn and benefit more from that experience. Does anyone feel the same way?

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                          Originally posted by SacredWithin
                          I say we should have open discussions in class. I feel we all learn and benefit more from that experience. Does anyone feel the same way?
                          Well …
                          I’ve always thought that an “open discussion” concerning Native American Spirituality,
                          Would be Far more correct and expectable,
                          As opposed to a “Class”

                          I’d love to see “those interested” ..
                          Get together for discussion.
                          I think it would be a wonderful thing!!

                          But I’m not shy about saying that,
                          I’m Very Touchy about someone stepping into a “Teaching” position on this topic.

                          Native American Spirituality is based on Culture and Heritage!!
                          NOT on a couple of books read,
                          Or movies watched,
                          Or classes attended!!

                          Native American Spirituality is taught face to face,
                          And eye to eye.
                          It’s taught by family, and Tribal Elders.

                          Anyone who really wants to learn it,
                          Should go to a reservation …
                          Get with the elders there,
                          To see if you would even be excepted as a student.

                          It’s doubtful they’d take an outsider in.
                          But if there’s enough desire, and honor in what you seek.
                          They sometimes do.

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                            I'm of the opinion ( which may not matter here ) that if what you seek is respectful and one is searching regardless of culture,
                            Then call it a Red Path or Nature based Path. This is more inline with Black Elk's vision of the Rainbow Tribe which many NAIs have opposed and tried to suppress in part.

                            Some will always find a reason to deny knowledge to others.
                            This is reverse persecution of a sort.
                            If not here, someone can contact me in other manners and i will help with whatever one asks.
                            I'm not a teacher as such, but i am knowledgeable in manner areas .

                            The undertones of this board are sometimes very disturbing. sorry for the short rant.

                            “Truth flows from universal law, not from personal views.” ~~ John G Agno


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                              I am very interested in learing alot more of the Red Road myself. I sure can't claim to be a teacher! But, would love to learn.