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      Thank you for keeping this site alive. I've said this before -- and will say it publically if you ever want to close down MW, please don't. I will even purchase it from you and promise to keep it running in functioning order. I lurk this site so often. It helped me come out at a very young age and know my stance on my religious views. Please keep her alive. If you ever need any help with MW (no strings attached); I don't need a label or anything -- feel free to Private Message me.


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        Originally posted by mol View Post

        How's that?
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          I agree mol. Thanks for sticking around. I know that I've been ghosting for quiet a few years while life has been getting in the way of living, but this place is priceless to me. Especially when I was a baby witch and trying to learn.

          You've done many lonely hearts a great service.

          And GEBS, thanks for keeping the life support going


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            This place has always been a safe haven to a large degree. yea, there have been trolls and people who were less than nice to me, but I think that is the way it works. If you have an opinion, someone will love you for it and someone will dislike you for it as well. Keep on, mol
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