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Sonoran Sunrise Grove Summer Solstice Event

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  • Sonoran Sunrise Grove Summer Solstice Event

    Join Sonoran Sunrise Grove for our "Symbelic Solarbration", on Saturday, June 23rd, at Himmel Park, Tucson, AZ.
    Part 1 is a guided meditation to meet your Water Muse; it takes place in the meeting room at the Himmel Park Library, 2-4:30pm. Part 2 is a symbel (that's Old Saxon for "sumbel") , primarily honoring the Germanic Deities Sunna & the Sky Father, with the opportunity for offerings to your own Deities of Summer & Rain as well; it takes place at the amphitheatre/southeast end of Himmel Park's Hippie Hill, at 5pm. In lieu of a potluck, we ask that you bring your own light snacks & cool drinks for personal consumption during the ritual.
    Himmel Park is on First St., between Tucson Blvd. & Treat Ave.; the Library is at 1035 N. Treat Ave., on the east side of the park.