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The Witches' Sabbat at Raven's Knoll - Ontario

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  • The Witches' Sabbat at Raven's Knoll - Ontario

    Dates: July 12 to 14, 2013

    Location: Raven’s Knoll campground, at the standing stone grove & crop circle

    Registration Fee: TBA, pre-registration will be announced closer to the date.

    Theme for 2013: The Master of the Art Magickal and the Lord of the Craft

    Stang for 2013: A Horned Lord stang

    Herb for 2013: Wormwood

    A Witches’ Sabbat is a gathering of witches at any time, for any reason.

    Today, the term Sabbat is typically used when one speaks of the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. However, the term Witches’ Sabbat actually came to us courtesy of the propaganda of the “witch hunters”, claiming that witches gathered in secret to worship the devil. We know better.

    Join us in the summer of 2013 for the first annual Witches’ Sabbat at Raven’s Knoll. An intensive weekend of witchcraft, spirit work and the cunning arts. For this Sabbat we will be working with the spirits of the land, learning from each other, telling tales around the fire and performing an ecstatic rite in honour of the Horned Lord.

    In most traditions of witchcraft the Horned God is considered the Lord of the Art Magickal and the Master of the Craft. As such, for our inaugural year He will be our focus. Together we will raise a stang in His honour within the sacred grove at Raven’s Knoll known as the Crop Circle.

    Friday afternoon to early evening will be the arrival time to register and set up camp. Friday evening there will be the opening processional, a walking ritual where we will visit some of the sacred sites of Raven’s Knoll. We will greet and give offerings and pay homage to the spirits of the land, the ancestors, the gods, the elements and the folk. Following this we will gather around the fire. Witchcraft is an oral tradition, as such; we will tell stories (personal or fiction), share poems, sing songs and get to know each other.

    Saturday morning and afternoon will feature a series of short workshops and discussions on a variety of topics. Tea and cookies will be available and expect some arts and crafts to be involved. We intend to keep this very laid back and will be gathering near the cooking fire, so that you can cook, make tea and warm your toes as you attend. Also on Saturday we will be making a vegetarian stone soup over the fire, in a cauldron no less, to be shared by all. Please bring an item to contribute to the soup.


    The cunning folk, witchcraft, animism and ritual styles.

    Dancing the Witches’ Rune and ecstatic workings.

    Outdoor ritual and working with the spirits of place.

    Wormwood, sabbat wine, flying ointments and a blessing of an absinth inspired tincture.

    The stang, what is it and how it is used.

    Spirit houses and the use of a skull for this purpose.

    The Horned Lord Himself.

    Saturday evening we will hold our main ritual, lead by Sarah Lawless. We will process the stang to the Crop Circle and place it therein. Then, we dine and dance with the Horned Lord, performing an ecstatic rite in His honour. After which we can gather around the fire to talk, tell stories and socialize, or just relax and let the experience soak in.

    Sunday morning we will perform the closing ritual, processing again around Raven’s Knoll (this time in reverse) to farewell and thank the land and the spirits. Then, in the afternoon, we will have one last chance to sit and discuss our experiences and what we learned before it’s time to head home.

    The registration fee will cover the cost of your camping fee and the materials used for the rituals and workshops. The fee will be announced soon.
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