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  • I'm not really reading Pagan related titles. I've received a few new cookbooks and I've been reading through those and also doing a re-read of Lord of the Rings for an on line book club.
    It's been minutes, it's been days. It's been all that I remember. <3


    • My copy of Elements of Ritual: Air, Fire, Water & Earth in the Wiccan Circle by Deborah Lipp finally turned up. Apparently the neighbours got it in their mailbox and I guess they didn't notice. Indigo has already shipped another copy to their closest store for me, I guess that'll be going on the shelf for someone else instead.
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      • I recently read "Blessed" by Maggie Blackbird (M/M romance). She's damn good!

        I'm currently reading "Closer" by K.L. Slater, my favorite author of psychological thrillers. She has such a way of delivering a brilliant twist at the end that makes you wonder what just happened. I love it. :boing:
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        • Just finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Plan on starting Half-Blood Prince after the holidays.

          Yes, I know I'm a bit late on reading the series (have seen the movies though)
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          • I started: Claws of the Cat (Shinobi Mystery #1) - Susan Spann
            Set in 1564 Japan with a Shinobi (Ninja) named Hiro and a Jesuit Portuguese priest named Father Mateo.
            They solve mysteries together.


            • What AM I reading right now? Hold on a sec, I'm blowing through about a book every 2 days.... A Throne For Sisters by Morgan Rice.

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              • I'm reading "After Alice" by Gregory Maguire
                It's been minutes, it's been days. It's been all that I remember. <3