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good poetry about winter

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  • good poetry about winter

    hi friends!
    I have been looking for some good poetry related to the season of winter? Something in modern English which is easy for kids to understand as well.

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    See this site


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      From a collection of poems I received as a small child:
      • The Snow - Emily Dickinson
      • Snow - Stephen Titra
      • Velvet Shoes - Eilnor Wylie

      Those are just a few I found in my book. It's old. I love this book. I look through it now and I realize the poets I love today (TS Eliot, Dorothy Parker, Poe) were included in this book (along with many others I've read and studied) and I find myself fortunate to have been exposed to wonderful poetry at such a young age.

      I hope our lists (mine is small) help you with what you're seeking.
      It's been minutes, it's been days. It's been all that I remember. <3


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        Selected Poems - Emily Dickinson (Dover thrift edition)
        is a very good cold seasons poetry book to read slowly.