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  • New staff writers at No Unsacred Place

    With delight and humbled awe, I come to tell you that Lupa and I have been chosen as a staff writer for No Unsacred Place, the science and nature blog of the Pagan Newswire Collective!

    I will be embarking on an adventure called "Restorying the Sacred", in which I will explore myth-making and storytelling and how the creation of new sacred stories can help modern Pagans connect to their now and here.

    Lupa will be taking over the "Earthly Rites" column, exploring themes of environmentalism and nature spirituality in ritual and liturgy within a Pagan context, as well as sharing her expertise and personal experience in Therioshamanism, totemism, shamanism and ecopsychology..

    I hope you'll join us on this new adventure!

    Eli Effinger-Weintraub/Windsmith bat Gaia
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    Life is a terminal sexually transmitted condition. There is no known cure & we are unable to determine how long you will have to live.


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      Congrats to both of you!! YAY!!!
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