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    Dungeons And Dragons: Abyssal Takeover Chapter 2

    The four heroes went outside to start there adventure. Suddenly a male adult elf was wandering to the streets. It appears he searching or someone or something. Then the male adult elf approached the four heroes.

    "Have you seen a child? A very small child by any chance?" said the male adult elf.

    "No we haven't." said Patrick.

    "Oh pardon my behavior. My name is Derrick Armelf. My son Danny suppose to returned home from school and he hasn't returned for a very long time. Since I heard the news of demons invading this city. I'm really worried that something horrible might happen to him." said Derrick.

    "What does your son, Danny look like?" asked Adynn.

    "Well he's got red hair and small. He's 10 years old. He wear white shirt with black pants. He also wear brown shoes. The school that he go to is Corellon Latherian Elementary school. This is the paper to the address and my home address if you find Danny." said Derrick as he gave the paper to Patrick.

    "Thanks. Don't worry we'll get your son back safe and sound. Let go team we have a lost child to look for." said Patrick as they begin the search of a lost child.



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      Dungeons And Dragons: Abyssal Takeover Chapter 3

      The four heroes went to Corellon Latherian Elementary school. In school, they discover students are younger in adulthood. Also the teachers and staff members who work at the school are also there.

      "Ok we better start asking question. Somebody must have seen the child." said Patrick.

      Suddenly a female adult elf approach the four heroes.

      "Hello. May I help you?" asked the female adult elf.

      "Yes. We're hear to look for a student named Danny Armelf. His father Derrick asked us to look for his son and return to him immediately." said Patrick.

      "I think he went to his friend, Milton Valsleet house. I'll give the address to the Valsleet residence." said the female elf as she gave the paper written to the Valsleet residence to Patrick.

      The four heroes when to the Valsleet residence. What they discovered is a small demon known as the Dretch. The Dretch was in front of the lock door banging to come in.
      Patrick grab his Longbow and shoot the Dretch with his arrow. The arrow hit and pierced the Dretch on the shoulder. The Dretch roar in pain. The Dretch ran after Patrick and tried to scratch Patrick with its claws but Patrick was well protected and the Dretch claw failed. Adynn grab his dagger and throw his dagger at the Dretch. The dagger hit at the Dretch and it body fall to the ground killing the Dretch. The Four Heroes went to the front door at the Valsleet house. Patrick knock at the door.

      "Hello is someone there?" asked Patrick.

      The door open. It appear to be a female adult elf.

      "Oh thank Corellon. Someone came to help us. Is the demon dead?" asked the female adult elf.

      "Yes we killed the demon. We came here to escort DannyArmelf home because his father, Derrick is really worried about him." said Adynn.

      "Sure I'll got get him. Danny someone is escorting you home." said the female adult elf.

      Danny approach to the female adult elf and the four heroes.

      "Who are you four?" asked Danny.

      "I'm Patrick Club and these are my acquaintances, Adynn, Warparius and Daquan. You father Derrick send us to look for you do we could take you home. He's really worried about you." said Patrick.

      "What about the demon outside?" asked Danny.

      "It's taken care of already. You don't need to worry. So shall we resume our business, gentlemen?" Asked Warparius.

      "We should. Good day madam. Come Danny let take you home." said Daquan as he and the three heroes escort Danny back to the Armelf residence.

      The four heroes arrive to the Armelf residence. Patrick knock the door. The door opens it was Derrick.

      "Daddy." said Danny as he rush to hug his father.

      "Danny. Thank you for bringing back my son. Was there any trouble?" asked Derrick.

      "No trouble at all." said Patrick.

      "That's great. Oh yes here's your reward for bring back my son." said Derrick as he gave all four heroes 25 gold pieces. The four heroes were very appreciated.

      "It's great dark. You four can stay in my house for the night." said Derrick.

      The four heroes was having dinner with the Armelf family. After that they slept for the night. Finally the four heroes greeted farewell to the Armelf family to continue their adventure.

      I'M RICH! MITCH!