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    I would like to introduce everyone to two very special people that I adopted a short while ago. First , a very sweet dear lady who allowed me the pleasure of adopting her . and second the wonderful cheery voice that I hear on the phone each time I call, that actually to my surprise each time sounds as if he is really glad I called. Two beautiful people who inspire and encourage me without even knowing it. When I feel my worst , the humor of and in things that are on their web page lifts me right out of the hole I find myself in . I would like to publicly say thank you to two of the most special people I have met since I was a child and that has been a while. I never thought that someone of their reputation would even allow anyone so close . But, this is where I step back and count my blessings because I set out to help them and I have gained more than I have given. So, with this explained let me say thank you Uncle Isaac and Lady Phaedra Bonewits for making my life a little brighter and my path a lot clearer because now I know that all the people like I knew as a child aren't really all dead, and that I am lucky enough to know two of the ones who are left.

    I love you both dearly


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    It really sounds wonderful for you to have someone like this. I am happy for you that you have found these two wonderful people.
    Brightest Blessings,