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Green Witchcraft II: Balancing the Light and Darkness

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  • Green Witchcraft II: Balancing the Light and Darkness

    Well, there's already a thread for the first book in this series, so I figured I'd start a thread for the second one since I just bought it yesterday. As I don't haveit with me now (I'm on a terminal at school) I don't feel like I can make any good posts about the content, since I don't have it here to look at, but when I get home I plan on replying to this with some commentary.
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    ooh i love that book! i especially like the merging energies with a tree meditation, and i really want to get around to doing the quest for a companion spell. good choice on the book by the way. i only have the 2nd one but I'll probably be buying the whole series (when I get enough cash, that is. im kinda broke right now)
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      Green Witchcraft II discussion

      For those who are interested, [email protected] is a group that is currently going over this book chapter by chapter.

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