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Which A. Moura book do you like the most?

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    Originally posted by Penthesilea View Post
    Origins of Modern Witchcraft is my favorite because it isn't a rehash of what we all "know" from Wicca 101. She actually goes back into pre-history and shows us the evidence and why she came to the conclusions that she did.
    Yep, this is where I started, and I really loved the book.

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      I've never read any of her books but I wanted to get some opinions on which one of hers is the best, because I'd like to buy one of her books.

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        I've read mainly just the Green Witchcraft series so I don't have much to base my decision on, but I did like the Green Witchraft II book best due to its premise for working in balance with light and dark to maintain order and peace. That theme resonates with me strongly.