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my article got lead story on Witchvox!

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  • my article got lead story on Witchvox!

    I submitted a personal essay to Witchvox and they posted it as the lead article on their website this morning!

    It's a great honour to have something chosen for that high-traffic spot on their website. And unless they post something to bump it out of the number one spot it should sit there for the rest of the week. (They usually change the front-page articles every Sunday.)

    Ben Gruagach
    MysticWicks forum guide in "Paths: Wicca", "Books" and "History"
    author of The Wiccan Mystic: Exploring a Magickal Spiritual Path
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    Scheduling article for reading!
    Xentor, your friendly-neighbourhood Checkerist
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      Congrats. Good article too.


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        Good article, very well thought out and expressed. Congrats on making the WitchVox front page!
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          Originally posted by Lunacie View Post
          Good article, very well thought out and expressed.
          Hear hear!
          Xentor, your friendly-neighbourhood Checkerist
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            Excellent article Ben. Congrats on making the front page!
            It's been minutes, it's been days. It's been all that I remember. <3


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              Good article

              I really enjoyed that article. Simple, explains things and to the point. Congratulations on continuing to get published!


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                Excellent, please submit more
                Om Namah Shivaya.

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                  Congratulations, Ben. I don't know anyone that works any harder at it than you do.
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                    Nicely written article Ben. Congratulations!
                    😈 "It's too bad that stupidity isn't painful." Anton LaVey 😈


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                      Wonderful article, Ben! Congrats!


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                        Originally posted by moonbride View Post
                        Wonderful article, Ben! Congrats!
                        what moonbride said
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                          i like it. it must've taken a long time to write that. good job and congrats!


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                            I saw the article before seeing this thread...When I saw it, I let out a tiny "oh my goddess! I know him!" The article was lovely, congrats! When you become famous I'm gonna be so excited to say I knew you when... :hahugh:
                            Thanks Faeawyn for the great banner!

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