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"Pagan Puzzles" is now out!

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  • "Pagan Puzzles" is now out!

    I have another book out and now available through various online bookstores such as the Amazon stores. It's called "Pagan Puzzles" and is a collection of crossword and word search puzzles I created along Wiccan and Pagan themes. Some of the puzzles are relatively easy but some of them are a bit challenging.

    Pagan Puzzles

    By: Ben Gruagach
    ISBN-10: 061514828X ISBN-13: 9780615148281
    Publisher: WitchGrotto Press - 2007-07
    Format: Paperback
    List price: USD 9.95

    Check it out here at

    You can also see a list of most of the online stores that carry it here at
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    how cool I love word searches I will have to check it out.
    thank you Catiana for the banner


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      oooh I am going to love that for sure :D
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        Cool book.


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          I just bought this the other day, it looks great! I can't wait to try it out. (:
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            :boing:I will have to go check it out
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