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New book! Loneliness and Revelation!

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  • New book! Loneliness and Revelation!

    I'm pleased to announce that my fifth book, Loneliness and Revelation, is now up for pre-ordering!

    For more information, and for a list of online retailers, click here.

    Loneliness and Revelation: A Study of the Sacred, Part One.
    by Brendan Myers

    Everyone experiences loneliness in their lives. Yet most people are secretly afraid of it, and will do nearly anything to avoid it. Few are willing to talk about it at all.

    A recent study found that half of all Americans have only one close friend that they can confide in, and one-quarter of all Americans have no close friends at all. The last United States census found that 27.2 million households, one-fourth of the total, consisted in just one person. Half a century ago, that was the case for only one-tenth of all households. Research has also shown that popular self-help methods to cope with loneliness, such as reciting positive affirmations, often make people feel worse than they already do.

    In these forty-five meditations, the author shows that loneliness is not simply a social phenomenon, nor a medical condition, nor a weakness of will. Rather, it is an existential condition of life; a part of the way things are in the world. So you can't turn to other people, or "true love", for a solution. Nor can you turn to God, for God is probably lonelier than you are! But loneliness is neither good nor evil. Indeed it can be a source of profound spiritual insight.
    Release date: 16 October, 2010.

    Available from:, B&N, Chapters/Indigo, etc.
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    I'm wondering if the term "Americans" above includes both Americas and all the countries within them?