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Kenaz Filan Fundraising Special on Tarot Readings

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  • Kenaz Filan Fundraising Special on Tarot Readings

    As per an earlier blog entry, I am hoping to get a Loki tattoo at one of my favorite Pagan events, Free Spirit Gathering 2011. Captain Gordon Staub's work is excellent and very reasonably priced - but we all know that good body art, and good festivals, don't come cheap. To help defray expenses, I am offering a special discount on my usual reading rates. Instead of $75, I am charging $50 with proceeds going toward the cost of this tattoo.

    I read using the Thoth tarot deck: my interpretations are colored by my initiations in Vodou and my experience in various other schools of mysticism, filtered through a hard polytheist lens. I believe the gods, spirits and ancestors are independently existing beings which are capable of communicating with us; I believe that sentience is not limited to humanity or even to organic life forms; I believe that we are conscious beings in a universe full of consciousness, sparks contemplating the fire, snowflakes caught up in the glory and the terror of the blizzard. And, from now through June 19, I'm available at a 33% discount: readings are available by appointment via phone, e-mail, or in person at FSG.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your future divined and leave a permanent mark.
    kenazfilan @ | 917-267-7469
    the new orleans voodoo handbook (forthcoming)