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Happy Solstice!

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  • Happy Solstice!

    Hello! Merry Litha to those of you north of the Equator and Yule blessings to those down under!

    How do you celebrate Solstice? Our family celebrates Summer's bounty by eating the first fruits of our garden; slim pickings this year due to a cold, wet spring. But we have 1 cucumber, 3 cherry tomatoes and 1 zuccini squash...add that to a forest of basil and I see pesto pasta and salad! :hahugh:

    After dinner, we will set up our annual Faeries' Tea Party in the garden. We have a miniature stone dance under our birch trees that is a permanent feature. We set up my old wicker Barbie table and chairs (okay, I HAVE to use the stuff because I saved it all these years and ended up with two boys!) with a doily table cloth, a tiny vase full of cut flowers and a miniature china tea set. We "serve" rose petal tea, mini M&M's, blueberries and little cookies. In the morning, we always find the ground covered with glittery faerie dust and treasures of seashells and crystals left for the boys as thank you gifts. And oodles of faery steeds (a.k.a. snails) devouring the remainder of the feast. (Did you know that snails like M&M's?)

    I'd love to hear about your traditions!!!

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    Whenever we can be together, my daughter in law and her 'tribe' do our little circle up in the hills in Merlin, Oregon. We light candles and sing and drink wine.
    Come to think of it, that's how we celebrate quite a few things!!! *snork*
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