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    Hi again!

    I know I don't visit too often, but I wanted to drop a note here. I don't really have much time online these days; what I do have mostly spend over on Livejournal (also as lupabitch).

    --I just finished my third semester (we do three a year, including summer) in my Master's in counseling psych program. I'm currently on my break, though my wilderness therapy intensive will be next week, from Monday through Friday. I'm really looking forward to that one! Another year of classes, then two semesters of internship to go!

    --Haven't been doing a lot of writing; I have, however, been editing "Engaging the Spirit World: Shamanism, Totemism, and Other Animistic Practices", an anthology that I'm hoping to get out by the end of the year. Lots of neat essays in this one! I have also picked up "Skin Spirits", the book on animal parts in magic and spirituality that I back-burnered for about a year, and I'm hoping to have the rough draft done by the time I go back to class next month.

    --It's summer, which means the garden is in full swing. Now that we're in a place with a yard and a big planter box, I'm able to grow more stuff. So I have a LOT of tomatoes! I just got done canning a few jars of pizza sauce today, and they'll go up with all the canned apples and applesauce that came from the trees in the back yard. I have blackberries to can tomorrow, and the plums should be ripe soon, too.

    --I've started to pick up my shamanic practice again, other than that which is involved in grad school. You can read about it at . And I've been doing more artwork when I need some stress relief; you can see that at

    --In my personal life, things are going pretty well. Tay stopped job hunting a number of months ago. There's a LOT of competition for tech writing jobs here in 13%-unemployment-Oregon, and he's still new enough that the more experienced applicants get the jobs. Instead, he's been working hard on getting his business, writing and social media consultation business off the ground--that's at . My other partner and I have been doing well, too--we'll be celebrating our one year anniversary in about two months. Kitties are doing well, too, healthy and happy (and LOUD when they want to be fed!).

    Alright. I spent the day playing video games because this past week was one of playing catch-up on various non-school-related things. I need sleep now. Hope all's well here! (my main website with books, artwork and other goodies) (I'm quite active on Livejournal) review blog) (my path)
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    Hey there Lupa.

    Glad to see you've been keeping busy. Summertime tends to be that way even with holiday time worked into the mix.

    Enjoy the intensive week!

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      Hi Lupa, glad things are going well for you and hope your course goes well .

      That book about 'Skin Spirits' sounds interesting, and, it's good that you grow some of your own food, I'd like to take up something like that too.

      Anyway, I'm glad things are gong well .