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  • Hey! I'm back!

    Just a quick note that I'm back! There's a re-intro in the introductions portion of the forum, but here are a few updates on book stuff:

    --I'm putting the finishing touches on my next solo book, "Skin Spirits: The Spiritual and Magical Uses of Animal Parts". A good bit of it is expanded information on how to utilize animal parts in magic and spirituality, particularly working with the spirits in the remains; however, there will also be instructables for making all sorts of ritual tools, too!

    --I'm also finishing up editing on my next anthology, "Engaging the Spirit World: Shamanism, Totemism and Other Animistic Practices", which has a really nice variety of essays from a number of different writers.

    --I'm still accepting essays for "Digging Up the Ostrich's Head: Animal Sacrifice in Modern Pagan Practices" (details at

    Most of what I've been doing, though is school-related, so everything else is coming at a slower pace. But I keep going (my main website with books, artwork and other goodies) (I'm quite active on Livejournal) review blog) (my path)
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