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As graduate school continues to eat my life...

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  • As graduate school continues to eat my life...

    Hi, folks

    I wanted to drop by since I haven't been here in ages--not for lack of wanting to, but simply having an utter lack of time. I'm partway through my internship as I work on my Master's in counseling psychology, and so in addition to a full class schedule I'm also spending time three to four days a week at my internship site. I'm due to be finished in August--and then we'll see what happens!

    I'm still on hiatus with writing in general; my writing brain cells have all been focused on school projects and writing group curricula for use at my internship site. However, my big creative outlet has been my artwork! I spend a good bit of my time on it now, and it's been a nice break from the psych material. It's amazing how much doing things with my hands--artwork, cooking, gardening--helps to keep me grounded as I continue in this work which is so very focused on cerebral and emotional processes. (If you want to see my art, has more info, or I have an Etsy at )

    Oh! I remember what I wanted to pass on to you all, too! Since my travels are a lot more limited, and there are so many people who have wanted to see me present workshops but haven't had the opportunity, I've started to record workshops and offer them for free download here:

    There's only one right now, but there will be more as I have time to record them and put them up online.

    So that's what's going on here Miss being here! (my main website with books, artwork and other goodies) (I'm quite active on Livejournal) review blog) (my path)
    My Etsy Shop