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Welcome, Phyllis Curott!

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    Merry meet and welcome its good to see you here I found your books most refreshing are you ever comming to England on a tour?


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      Welcome to MW Phyllis, BoS was the first book I picked up when I started down my path and I love your other two books as well.
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        Hi Phyllis, I've just finished reading Book of Shadows and it's wonderful, so inspiring. I'm really pleased to see you on MW and hope you'll be coming to Wales one day! :D Welcome to the board.
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          As has already been said many times in this thread - I've found your books inspring and a joy to read. Many a time I nudged my other half with the words "listen to this" while reading Witchcrafting and him have to listen to me read something you'd said that struck a chord.

          Lovely to see you - hope you get over to the UK sometime!
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