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    I'm a little late

    Welcome, and thanks for giving of your time.
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    I Proudly And Lovingly Accept This Banner On Behalf of Our Beloved Flar7 for his poem, "The Chase." It Was Truly How He Lived.

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      I am late too but school is taking most of time.I just saw this thread and I was like "Wow.Raymond Buckland joined us!".he he I am really excited that you are now a member of our community,million thanks to mol.
      My best friend from England sent me a week ago your "big blue book" and I liked it from the first moment!I am not into Seaz wicca so I don't find everything in it helpful but I have to admit that it is extremely informative and taught me many things even the first time I opened it.
      Well that's all for now,I am waiting to read more posts of yours.And...WELCOME!!!


      Oh, the summer time is coming,
      And the trees are blooming,
      And the wild mountain thyme
      Grows around the blooming heather.


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        Howdy Mr. B. I hope you become just as addicted to this place as I've become. And I mean that in the nicest way. :uhhuhuh:
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          Mr. Buckland,

          It is my priviledge to be able to read your posts in this forum. Your book "Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft," was one of the first books that I read on the subject. I have used it so much that I have had to replace it several times. A few times in the last few years I have had students "borrow" them and I ended up buying more. "Scottish Witchcraft," and "Wicca for Life" are also two of my favorites.

          I hope that you are recovering nicely from your recent bypass surgery. May you grow stronger with each passing day.

          Brightest Blessings,
          Eryne Selene

          Blessed Be Your Eyes, That You May See Clearly,
          Blessed Be Your Ears, That You Might Hear With Compassion,
          Blessed Be Your Lips, That You May Speak The Truth,
          Blessed Be Your Hands, That You Might Help Others,
          Blessed Be Your Feet, That You Might Walk The Path Of Beauty And
          Spirit All The Days Of Your Life.
          SO MOTE IT BE


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            Thanks to you, now I can say New Bern is known for something other than being very, very boring.. LOL. In the directory index it lists the Church of Wicca. Last I checked you still had them listed, as things have changed.
            Props to Magick Faerie for the beautiful banner, the lady has talent!
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            "Man is the symbol-using (symbol-making, symbol-mis- using) animal inventor of the negative (or moralized by the negative) separated from his natural condition by instruments of his own making goaded by the spirit of hierarchy (or moved by the sense of order) and rotten with perfection."
            --The definition of "Human" as so aptly stated by Kenneth Burke.


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              Merry meet and welcome Ray nice to see you here like alot of people here I too have your Blue book well i say have daughter seems to have kidnapped it lol ....Looking forward to reading your posts and getting to know you have fun here too


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                Welcome This is an honor to have you here Mr. Buckland
                I don’t know why every time
                I wanna fly somebody always tries
                to hold me down...hold me down...
                I’m loosing my faith every single time... I try no one is on my side
                dont let me drown.....let me drown

                ~ Hold me Down, Tommy Lee~

                Blood sifts through the sands of time, ancients rise
                Behind the masks so dear, lives shattered among the stones
                Glass breaks, the earth shakes
                Wounds open, torn
                Shredded skin, peels away
                Drops of old, drinking up
                Comforting, dangerous
                Kneeling, collard
                Not alone, tied forever

                ~Written by me~


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                  Wow! Welcome to Mysticwicks!
                  Site Adminstrator, (Yes, really!)
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                    One of the Main Reasons that I give Thanks for Raymond Buckland is the Fact that during One Evening when I was Googling the Internet for Information on Raymond Buckland, I happened upon a Link that connected me to a Thread discussing him on a Website called

                    In order to join the Discussion, I registered with the Message Board, and made Contributions to their Pagans Forum that they and their Administrators found sooooo Profound and Wise that they made me the Moderator of their Pagans Forum.

                    So from taking the First Step of Googling for Information on Raymond Buckland, I ended up with an Internet Forum from which I can Preach my Celtic Paganism however I which way I Freely Will without Fear of being Censored in any way whatsoever.

                    From that Cornerstone, I hope to Teach my Fellow Man a New Way of Thinking that will make it Possible for use to Survive in the Modern Technological Nuclear Age that we have Created Around Ourselves.



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                      Welcome to the site, I look forward to reading your posts

                      **~ Please PM me for a reading ~**


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                        Originally posted by RayBuckland View Post
                        undefinedMany thanks to all of you who have given me such a warm welcome. Thanks, especially, to Witchzee1 who originally invited me to be a part of MysticWicks. As I told her, I may not be here as often or as frequently as I would like, due to writing commitments (fast approaching deadlines, etc.) but I will visit just as often as I can. I can see there are a lot of serious folk here. Reading some of the past postings, I also see not everyone likes what I write, but I long ago learned that you can't please all the people all the time! Happily there are enough books being produced today to suit all tastes, and I always encourage people to read everything they can lay hands on.
                        I'm happy to see so many other fine authors here; old friends among them.
                        At the moment I'm working on another encyclopedia (some of you may have seen "The Witch Book" and "The Fortune-Telling Book"). Again, it's 250,000 words. This time it's "The Spirit Book" - an encyclopedia "of clairvoyance, channeling, and spirit communication."
                        The Samhain season seems an ideal time for me to start my association with MysticWicks. I look forward to getting to know you all. Incidentally, please call me Ray.
                        In love and light.

                        And this was his 5th and last Posting on MW.

                        I did PM and Email Directly to him a copy of my SLM Essay for his Positive Input, but he has never responded.

                        Kanashii Desu.

                        KNR - 3X3