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    Konnichi Wa to All:

    I am posting a list of all the science, knowledge, and history videos I have on tape. Since I got a VCR in 1995, I took up the hobby of recording preserving programs from the TV that have good historical, or scientific knowledge that I could use and memorize. At the time, I had pirated cable, and wanted to record as many cable programs before getting cut off (which I am now able to afford, and not have totally above board cable). I wanted those interesting programs to watch when I had not cable. Since recording the following library of videos, I have watched each program at least 5 to 10 times each. In some cases, I have watched the program over 20 times. So when one is discussing a topic on which the following videos are based, I do know all of the information on that subject covered in that particular program. I basically concider myself a video based history scholar. With each title follows a brief discription of what the program covers.

    Origins of Halloween.
    War Stories Ducktators: a documentary about WW2 political animation. It has some very funny bits of old animation.
    Prehistoric Beasts: documents the type of animals and nature that were present approximately 500,000 years ago.
    Prehistoric Beasts #2
    World Trade Center Disaster: It has some great computer reinactments on the mechanics on how the two planes brought down the WTC.
    Legends of the Isles: Merlin: documentary history program on who exactly Merlin was, and what he was all about.
    A&E Biography - Charles Lindbergh.
    Secrets of Lost Empires - Medieval Sieges: The mechanics on how Leonardo Da Vinci and Longshanks built their two different style catapults.
    Spies: Behind the Lines: WW2 OSS operational techniques.
    Investigative Reports - Cold Case Files: real cases of old cold murder cases and how they eventually got solved.
    Kinmel Park Riots: A documentary on the Canadian Military riots that happenned in 1919 in Kinmel Park, Wales, UK.
    Turning Points of History - Newfoundland at the Somme: Newfoundlanders bravery at Beaumont Hamel during the Battle of the Somme.
    War Stories: U534: The salvage of a WW2 submarine that went missing when it tried to escape after VE day in Europe.
    WW2 British Bomber Command: With a lot of information on the famous air marshal Bomber Harris.
    Turning Points of History - Last stand of Salvador Allende: After watching this, you will have a better idea why America got September 11thed. The American Government
    somethings do not know when to mind their own businesses.
    WW2 Documentary: "Dogfight": It covers the techical capabilities of various modern fighter planes.
    Airwars: WW2 British Fighters.
    Searching for Lost Worlds - Skull Wars: The story of two competing archeologists who make fascinating human fossil finds in South Africa.
    Story of Leaf Eriksson.
    World at War - Pacific: An episode of one of best WW2 documentary series made, narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier.
    John McCrae's War - In Flander Fields: History about one of wars most famous poems.
    CBC Life and Times - Lorne Green: Biography about one of Canada's greatest announcers and actors.
    Christopher Plummer Special: documents the biblography of one of Canada's greatest classical actors.
    Nature of Things - Chimps on Death Row: Dr. David Suzuki narrates the story of various famous chimpanzees who were used for medical experiments.
    Farewell of Maple Leafs Garden: A special broadcast from the day the Toronto Maple Leafs moved out of the famous ML Gardens into their new stadium.
    Confirmation on UFOs: documents many UFO stories, and how UFO sightings can easily be faked.
    CBC Life and Times - Chief Dan George: Story of famous Canadian Aboriginal actor.
    History of Newfoundland - The Natives: Tells story of the decline and extinction of the Beothic Natives of Newfoundland and Labrador.
    5 Episodes, Legends of Hockey: documents the careers of numerous Hockey Hall of Fame members such as Maurice Richard, Gordie Howe, or Cyclone Taylor.
    CBC Life and Times - Don Cherry: the life of hockey's most flamboyant coaches and statesmen.
    History of Newfoundland - The Outports: History of Newfoundland's outlaying settlements called Outports.
    Day of Discovery - Lions, King of the Beasts: Zoology program cronicalling the daily life of a pride of wild African Lions.
    Mother Teresa: See my posting in Druids Head Pub in Discuss Druidry thread "Mother Teresa's Speech on Acceptance".
    National Geographic - Alligator and Crocdiles: Two young reptiles hatch and grown up in the Florida Everglades.
    History of Rock & Roll - Soul Music.
    A&E Biography - J. Edgar Hoover: Story of onne of Americas most corrupt senior bureaucrats.
    20 minutes of News Coverage - WTC Attacks and Destruction: Recorded on Sept 11th 2001 from various news services.
    A&E Top 100 Biography's of the Millenium episode #4.
    The Great War (WW1) - Slaughter: documents the amount of death and destruction of WW1 that was inflicted by mankind upon manking for nothing.
    Titanic - Death of a Dream: The building, launching, and sinking of the Titanic.
    A&E Biography - Unsinkable Molly Brown: The life of one of the Titanic's most flamboyant survivors.
    Ancient Civilizations - Japan: Japans ancient history from the rise of the Shogunates, to the battle of Sekigahara where firearms where used in battle for first time.
    No Price Too High - Folly 1936-40: documents how Prime Minister Mckenzie King was fooled into trusting Adolf Hitler and neglected Canada's military readiness.
    Canadians War at Sea: History of the Canadian controbution to the Battle of Atlantic during WW2.
    The Great War (WW1): Explosion: The history on how WW1 first got started.
    A&E Biography - Nostradamus: A very very fascinating program.
    Web of War - Polish War Stories: The history of the Polish Army which were under Canadian Military command. Also history of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
    No Price Too High -War Diary of Charlie Martin: story of a Canadian Military Sergeant Major who took part in D-Day landings on Juno Beach.
    Smithsonian's Great Battles of the American Civil War - episodes IV, V, and VI.
    The Black Dahlia: history behind one of America's most tragic unsolved murder mysteries at took place in Los Angeles.
    Crown & County - Cinque Ports: Prince Edward Windsors documentary series on various towns and communities of United Kingdom.
    Crown & County - The New Forest: Pr. Edward narrating.
    Lost Tombs of Peru: the discoveries of tombs in Peru richer than that of King Tut, or maybe even Ramses II.
    Pirate Tales: cronicalls the history of Buccaneers of the Carribean.
    National Geographic: Treasures of the Past.
    The Great Pyramids: The architecture of the pyramids, and how they line up to the stars.
    Ancient Roman Bath Construction: Ancient Enginerring Scholars construct an authentically historically accurate Roman Bath.
    1066 Battle of Hastings.
    A&E War Stories - Nagasaki.
    Disasters of the Century - Railways: cronicals two famous Canadian Railway crashes.
    A&E War Stories - USS Monitor Salvage: The recovery of Monitor's bell and propellor.
    Line of Fire - El Alamein: North Africa battle which made Montgomery famous. Australian Troops gave the most for this victory.
    The War Years - Stalingrad: I also have the German made major motion picture by the name "Stalingrad".
    The Great Escape Documentary: Airmen make famous escape for Stalag Luft 3 in Poland. This escape inspired comedy show "Hogan's Heroes".
    Victoria Cross Story - Smokey Smith: Seaforth Highlander of Canada. The only living Canadian who holds Victoria's Cross for Valour.
    A&E Shackleton and Scott: The rivalry of two south pole explorers.
    A&E Knights and Armour: Traditions and stories of Knights and Armour, including cronicalling the traditions of the Knights of the Garter.
    A&E Biography - Christopher Columbus.
    Undercurrents - Electronic IDs: cronicals the modern identification technologies as predicted by George Orwell.
    Undercurrents - Downfall of Allan Eagleson: how corruption of hockey mogul Allan Eagleson was discovered.
    Royal Love Affairs: Various love stories of various past British Monarchs including Princess Margaret's affair with ace pilot Peter Townsend (no relation to rock star).
    Princess Diana - Queen of Hearts: Cronicals the life and death of Princess Diana.
    History of Hudson's Bay Company.
    CBC No Price Too High - Lifeline 1940 to 41: Canadian Navy battles Nazi submarines despite faulty or old equipment.
    CBC No Price Too High - End of Beginning 42: Canadian Army battles in North Africa.
    CBC No Price Too High - 1943: Canadian Navy gets up to date equipment, and starts sinking U-boats.
    Morning of Armeggedon - Halifax Harbour Explosion: Famous harbour explosion in December 1917.
    Smithsonian's Great Battles of the Civil War: Tapes I, II, and III.
    Secrets of Titanic: Analysis of damage the great ship sustained during sinking.
    Earth's Fury - Fire: Various types of fire disasters, and various types of fire fighting techniques.
    CBC Life and Times - Maurice Richard: Life of great hockey legend.
    Extreme Machines - Hoovercrafts: cronicals history and capabilities of hoovercrafts.
    Future War - The Warrior Cult: phsycology and technologies of modern soldiers.
    Biography - Lucille Teasdale: great Canadian philanthorpist and doctor. Second only to Mother Theresa.
    Beatles Anthology: this tape is followed by great rock documentary "Beatles: Let It Be".
    Great Crimes and Trials - The Leslie Whittle Kidnapping: cronicals the carrier and capture of Britain's master criminal "The Black Panther".
    World at War - Rememberance: famous world war 2 documentary series narrated my Sir Laurence Olivier.
    Biography - General McArthur:
    A&E War Stories - Sandakan POW Camp: story of Japanese POW workcamp for Austrualians from which only 6 survived.
    Secrets of WW2 - The Man Who Never Was: story how British used a corpse to fool Germans with fraudulent war plans.
    Kurt & Courtney: documentary showing how Courtney Love may have plotted the assasination of her husband Kurt Cobain.
    20th Century - The Korean War: they keeps saying that Korean War has no songs to sing, to which I sing "Suicide Is Painless" from M*A*S*H movie and series.
    Day of Discovery - Last Charge of the Rhino: Zoology program on the decline and conservation techniques on maintaining Rhinocerous numbers.
    Death of Diana News Coverage: this includes Queen Elizabeth's address to the Empire during the week of mourning after Princess Diana's death.
    Diary of a Princess: The life and times of Princess Diana.
    Princess Diana's Funeral and funerary procession through London.
    Houdini Program: the story of Houdini and various mystical attempts to communicate with the spirit of Houdini.
    Castle Ghosts of Scotland: Includes the ancient story of the weeping stones.
    Cosmos - episode #10: Late 70s astrology series made by astrologer Carl Sagan.
    A&E Top 100 Biographys of the Millenium - episode #1.
    Turning Points of History - Hockey Night in Moscow: cronicals the 1972 hockey summit series, and great goal by Paul Henderson in Moscow.
    Millenium - 1000 years: cronicals various technological advances in the past millenium.
    Nautilus #1 - Iron Coffins: How the first submarines are built, and the dangers in using the old fashioned submarines.
    Crown & Country - Isle of Wright: Narrated by Prince Edward Windsor.
    Crown & Country - Aldershot: Narrated by Prince Edward Windsor.
    A&E War Stories - U-boat assault on USA: how the Germans used U-boats to sink USA shipping and attempts at landing saboteurs.
    Searching for Lost World - Dragon Hunter - Secrets of Gobi Desert: cronicals archeological digs for fossils in the Mongolian Gobi Desert.
    Turning Points of History - Die Like Brave Men: Canadian raid on Dieppe documentary.
    Secret Weapons - The Expendables: Mainly cronicals the waste, and demoralization of Human Wave assaults, and the Kami Kaze pilots.
    Smithsonian's Great Battles of the American Civil War - Tape VII.
    A&E Biography: King Arthur.
    A&E Biography: Queen Elizabeth I, The Virgin Queen.
    Life of Edgar Allan Poe.
    Holocaust - Memory of Millions: this documentary was made to commemorate the openning of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.
    Life of General Robert E. Lee.
    Life of Stonewall Jackson.
    Titanic - Anatomy of a Disaster: cronicals the complacency, human egotism, and mechanics that brought about the sinking of the great ocean liner.
    A&E Biography - Adolf Eichman.
    Great Crimes and Trials - Manson Murders: The crimes and trials of Charles Manson and his followers.
    Hockey History - The Klondikers: In 1905, the Yukon Kondikers challenges the Ottawa Silver Seven for Stanley Cup.
    20th Century Warfare - WW2 D-Day.
    Great Crimes and Trials - The Boston Strangler: Story of the famous strangler.
    Mysteries of the Bible - Last Supper: Archeologists try to discover the actual site where the last supper took place.
    Congressional Medal of Honour Stories: stories of Medic Richard Dawes, and Marine Harvey Bastellone, CMH winners in pacific against the Japanese.
    Century of Warfare - Air Warfare: the developement of air military power from WW1 to modern stealth bombers.
    Liberation of Paris: American troops liberate the city of Paris during WW2.
    Without Warning: stories of sudden accidents including jet fighter crash, oil tanker wreck of Shetland Islands, and a deadly factory fire in Taiwan.
    Seatales - Halifax Harbour Explosion: The ships Mont Blanc and Imough collide and ignite great 1917 harbour explosion.
    Timelines - The Veitnam War: History behind Vietnam's war of independence from foreign European/American domination.
    Ancient Mysteries - Russian Revolution: cronicals the finding and exhumation of the Russian Royal Family from a forest swamp in Siberia.
    Story of Magic - Centurys of Deception: history of magic, and great magicians such as Houdini, Mascelline, and the Great Houdin.
    World at War - Homefires: British home life during the bombing blitz of the 1940s. Narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier.
    A&E War Stories - RCMP St. Roche: story of famed artic explorer Henry Larsen, and his ship RCMP St. Roche. It is now perserved in Vancouver Maritime Heritage
    Harbour in English Bay of Vancouver.
    A&E Biography - Leonardo Da Vinci.
    Great Egyptians - Cleopatra.
    Great Egyptians - Snefru: The ancient pharoah who invented and prefected pyramid building.
    Battlefield - WW2 Italy: Allied invasions of Sicily and Italy.
    Human Animal - Sexuality: scientifically based analysis of mankinds special kind of attitude towards sexuality.
    A&E Biography - King Richard the Lionheart.
    Treasures of the Titanic: Recovery and perservation of various artifacts from the Titanic including the entire stern bridge.
    Lost Pharoah - Akhenaten: the story of the eccentric ancient pharoah who was first to preach of a single onmipotent god - The Sun!!!
    Cosmos - episode #4: written and narrated by great astrologer Carl Sagan.
    World at War - Occupation: cronicals the years of Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier.
    Ancient Mysteries - Reincarnation: cronicals stories of riencarnation including the reincarnation and locating of the present Dahlai Lama.
    Days of Discovery - Blue Whales: cronicals the recovery of the Blue Whales recovery in numbers.
    A&E Biography - Benito Mussolini: cronicals the career of the successfull Italian dictator up until he allied himself with Adolf Hitler.
    A&E Biography - Adolf Hitler.
    CBC Life and Times - Terry Fox: famous Canadian athlete and philanthropist who ran to raise funds for cancer research and treatments.
    Canadian SAR Techs: News documentary about Canadian military Search And Rescue technicians, and their rescue techniques.
    Nature Of Things - Reefer Madness II: Dr. David Suzuki narrates the story on how cannabis has medical benefits, and has been unjustly villified.
    Nature Of Things - Earthquake: Dr. David Suzuki narrates story on how earthquakes happen with special analysis on damage to Kobe, Japan.
    Witness - The Mounties: The history about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This includes their many strengths and many failings.
    Great Crimes and Trials - Jones Town Massacre: Shows what can happen if you worship mankind as being created in a godlike image too much.
    Great Crimes and Trials - Son of Sam: the story of the serial killer who terrorized Manhatten during the early 1970s.
    Ancient Cities of Egypt: Stories of Thebbes, Memphis, and Luxor.
    Killer Virus's: Stories include the Ebola virus, the Aids virus, and the Huntae virus.
    The Zodiac Killer: shows evidence left behind by the famous Zodiac Killer. I think his composite drawing resembles famed hijacker D.B. Cooper.
    Battle of Iwo Jima Documentary: Story of the 7 marines who were in famous photo of marines raising flag on Mount Sirobachi.
    Urban Legends: famous fictional stories of urban environment. Includes the finding of Alligators in city sewers.
    CBC Life and Time - Dr. David Suzuki: story of famed scientist, philanthropist, and Nature Of Things narrator/host.
    Mysteries of Stonehenge.
    Search for Lost Worlds - Machu Pichu: the story of the finding and analysis of a great stone city in the Andes Mountains.
    The Bathysphere Story - the story of the developement of the first high pressure deep sea diving bell.
    Crown & Country - Greenwich: narrated by Prince Edward Windsor.
    Cromwell's Forgotten Wreck: the finding of the warship Swan, which sank in a storm while sieging a Scottish Castle during Cromwellian area wars.
    Great Canadian Disasters: 1912 tornadoe ravages Regina Saskatchewan, and a 1956 hurricane floods out Toronto.
    Top 10 Ultimate Mysteries: Includes mysteries such as suddenly instantaneous human combustion, and monsters such as sasquatch.
    The Hunt For Amazing Treasures: how people find treasures of emense value. Includes find of Roman Silver horde in British farmland.
    A&E Biography - Henry Ford: the engineer who prefected the mass manufacturing of automobiles.
    Ancient Mysteries - Lost Technologies: cronicals how various modern technologies were once used in ancient past only to be forgotten or destroied.
    A&E Biography - Peter Graves: famous TV actor who played Jim Phelps in Mission Impossible.
    20th Century - Organized Crime: Includes the story of the rise and fall of the Maffia Don John Gotti.
    A&E Investigative Reports - Prostitution: cronicals how prostitution exists in all nations and cultures.
    A&E Biography - Timothy McViegh: the Oklahoma City bomber of the Murrah Federal Building.
    Bert's Stove Repair.
    Managing Leaky Condominiums.
    Renovation Techniques.
    Multi Storey Steel Buildings: I recorded this before WTC was destroied. Shows how such buildings are built.
    Kitsilano Histiory - Khahtsalano: the history of one of Vancouver's older neighborhoods Kitsilano.
    No More Hiroshimas: some Hibaksha survivors tell their stories, and protest existance of A-Bomb.
    The Nuremburg Trials: arch Nazis are tried for war crimes against humanity.
    Kontiki: the voyage of the famed Norwegian explorer Thor Hiodal.
    Canada, A Peoples History - John Cabot: John Cabot sails west and discovers Newfoundland.
    Sinking of the Edmonds Fitzgerald: the sinking of the ship wreck that inspired Gordon Lightfoot's famous song.
    Secret Weapons - The Fabulous Flops: various weapons that were developed during WW2 that did not work.
    Archeology: Ceasar's Nightmare in Germany: Barbarous Germanic tribes badly defeat an army of Romans in northern Germany during Ceasar's time.
    Airwars - WW2 German Fighters: includes the first jet fighters.
    Arthur Bishop interview: Son of the great Canadian WW1 air ace Billy Bishop VC. It is very interesting.
    Secrets of Forensic Science: cronicals how modern forensic techniques are used to solve crimes.
    Puzzles of the Past - Exploration: How other explorers have travelled the world and even travelled through North America before Columbus.
    American Justice - Fugitives: stories on a few American fugitives who ran and successfully hid for decades.
    Great Escape Interview: A Canadian escaper from Stalag Luft 3 in Poland is interviewed. Recording after a playing of movie "The Great Excape".
    Predators - Natural Born Killers: Zoology program on body mechanics of various well know predatory carnivores.
    Arctic Disasters - Crash of the Italia: story of lost arctic exploration airsship Italia, and disappearance of famed explorer Amund Amundson.
    Primetime - Judgement at Midnight: the for real documentary on the final 24 hours of a condemned murderor. It is a real life "Dead Man Walking" show.
    Days of Discovery - Tiger, Lord of the Wild: Zoology documentary on asia's Tigers and their decline by their use in Chinese Medications.
    A&E Top 100 Biographies of the Millenium - episodes 2 & 3.
    History of Rock & Roll - Phsychodelia: The phsychodelic rock music of the late 60s and early 70s.
    History of Rock & Roll - Guitars: the story how the first electric guitar was developed and it history.
    History of Rock & Roll - The Seventies: Includes the explosion on the scene by Pink Floyd.
    Lost Civilizations: The Bible Stories: how some archeological evidence prooves some stories of the Holy Bible.
    A&E Biography - Pretty Boy Floyd: story of famed 1930s criminal and gangster.
    History of Rock & Roll - Punk Music: mainly tells the story of legendary punk band Sex Pistols and it leader Sid Vicious.
    History of Rock & Roll - MTV: developement of musical videos by the legendary Monkey Mark Nesthmith.
    Paleoworld - Missing Links: the ancient origins of mankind.
    World at War - USA-1939 to 42: America debates entering WW2 until Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier.
    A&E American Justice - Susan Smith: story of the murderess who drowned her two children in a lake in order to get back rich boyfriend.
    Blast Masters: documents the use and forensic studies of criminal mail bomb attacks. Also discribes dimilitarization of old ordinance.
    A&E Biography - Kirk Douglas: the movie star who had the famed move "Sparticus" made.
    Seatales - Mutiny on the Bounty: I also have the old Mutiny on the Bounty movie with Clark Gable on tape.
    T - Rex Exposed: paleontology story on the finds and digging up of Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils.
    Paleoworld - Dinosaurs Eating Habits: analysis of what dinosaurs may have eaten during their time on earth.
    Paleoworld - Dinosaurs of Madagasgar: archeologists search for dinosaur fossils in the isolated island of Madagasgar.
    World at War - Burma 1942 to 44: the British battle the Japanese in Burma, making Lord Mountbatten famous. Narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier.
    Jack The Ripper: analysis of the reputed diary of James Maybrick, in which he confesses to being the famous mass murderer Jack the Ripper.
    World War 2 Secrets: Last Day of Hitler: the last few days Hitler was alive in his bunker in April 1945.
    Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping: the story of how Charles Lindbergh's baby was kidnapped and the punishment of Bruno Richard Hoffman.
    John Lennon and Mark Chapman: a double biography on Beatle John Lennon and his assasin Mark Chapman, and the insanity of Chapman.
    Mummies - episodes #1, #2, #3, #4: an famed Egyptologist explores mummification in various countrys and cultures.
    Treasure Seekers: Mysteries of Angkor: a 19th century explorer documents the ruins of Angkor which is in Cambodia.
    The Celts: history of the celts of northern Europe and Britain.
    Turning Points of History: Men who built the A-Bomb: includes the scientist Oppenheimer.
    Spies: Cuban Missile Crisis: analysis the use of air borne picture surveillance on Cuba during the famed missile crisis.
    Scattering of Seeds - Fr. McGauran: a Roman Catholic Priest who served immigrants in 19th century who were dying in Canadian immigrants hospitals.
    History Lands - Tent-Severin Waterway: located near Kingston Ontario.
    History Lands - Quebec: some archeological artifacts are dug up in the center of old Quebec historical district during building reconstuctions.
    Fathering Confederation - Newfoundland: how premier Joey Smallwood organized Newfoundland joining Canadian Confederation using political dirty tricks.
    Cosmos episodes #7, #2, #3, #1, #8, and #5: astrology documentary mini series written and narrated by famed astrologer Carl Sagan.
    Canada - A Peoples History - The First Peoples: how the first peoples arrived from the Berring Straights and settled across North America during 10,000 years.p
    Canada - A Peoples History - The First Europeans: the Vikings come and settle for a time in Labrador and Newfoundland.
    Canada - A Peoples History - New France: Jacques Cartier and Jacques de Champlain found New France in the new continent.
    Canada - A Peoples History - A Question of Loyalty: the British question Francophone loyalties during time of American Revolution.
    Titanic Survivors: stories and interviews of several Titanic survivors, with old actual footage of Carpathia Captain and crew.
    Forgotten Warriors: documentary on how many veteran benefits were denied to Aboriginal Canadian war veterans.
    WW2 Luftwaffe Bomber Command: various types of Nazi bombers and their technical cababilities.
    Historylands - Province House, Charlottetown, PEI: where the fathers of confederation met in 1867 to discuss confederation of Canada.
    Archeology: Lost City in the Aegean: the discovery and digs of an old city on an Aegean Sea island that was buried in volcanic ash like Pompeii.
    In Search Of The Trojan Wars: archeology show on how the location of legendary city of Troy was discovered.
    Crown & Country - London St. James Cathedral: narrated by Prince Edward Windsor.
    Crown & Country - Hampton Court: narrated by Prince Edward Windsor.
    Search for Lost Worlds: The Tomb of Tutankhamun: includes stories about the curse.
    American Justice - Howard Mechanic: a fugitive who protested Veitnam war and threw cherry bombs at firemen is hunted for almost 2 decades as is finally caught.
    Breaking of WW2 Codes: the work of the code breaker of Bleachley Park using the first digital analog computer Colossus.
    Archeology: Lot's Cave: archeological search for Lot's cave and the legendary city of Sodom and Gimora.
    A&E War Stories - Submarine M1: divers discover the wreck of the M1 submarine, which was only submarine ever to be fitted with a battleship style heavy gun.
    Nautilus - Nuclear Subs Creation: stories of the USAs and Sovieth Unions race to develope a nuclear submarine.
    The Great War (WW1) - Mutiny: stories or the great French Army mutinies, and the ravages of post tramatic stress syndrome (aka: shell shock).
    The Great War (WW1) - Collapse: the collapse of the German war effort after the great 1917 offensive is put down by fresh American troops.
    Battle of Little Big Horn: analysis Sitting Bull's victory over the over confident General Custer.
    Bert's Refridgerator Repair: do it yourself refridgerator repair.
    Do It Yourself Home Repairs: from regrouting tile to minor electical repairs.
    Apartment Building Security: security tips on how to maintain an apartment buildings security.
    Home Improvement: Home Repairs.
    A&E Biography - Genghis Khan.
    Safe Handling of Pesticides.
    Installing Kitchen Cabinets.
    Mysteries of the Bible - Moses.
    A&E Biography - Frank Serpico: a New York police officer's attempts at being a good cop is always thworted by peer pressure from other bad cops.
    Princess Diana's Story and Marriage.
    National Geographic - Samora Desert: Zoology program on the great desert that covers Northern Mexico, New Mexico and a part of Arizona.
    World at War - the Desert: the theatre of war which made Montgomery famous. Narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier.
    A&E Biography - Ivan the Terrible: story of the great terrible Russian Tzar.
    Extreme Machines - The Tank.

    Whew, thats it. It took me about 8 hours to type all this out. I still have about 6 or 8 other programs that I have recorded, by have not editted out the commercials yet. I have not done much video tape work since I got this computer on line. I guess I will have to put aside a day to edit those 6 or 8 remaining programs.

    So if you want to consult someone who knows about any of the above programs, do not hessitate to let me know.

    Ki No Ronin

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    And this Library of Knowledge Video does come in handy to watch when I do not want to watch any regular TV, such as today on September 11th.

    On September 11th, I tend to not like watching the Media Hype and BS about the WTC when it is starting to look like the Americans may have done it to themselves in order to get an excuse to go to War.

    Right now, I am watching my History Program on the Black Dahlia.



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      dear gods

      Dude! I so hope you copy/pasted this discography because for all the folk here that will bother to read 10% of it, the effort of typing would be a total waste.


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        thanks for sharing.. I suppose I should be impressed.. but as Cynyr said I doubt many will read the entire list
        are you bored or what?
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          Originally posted by Astara Seague View Post
          thanks for sharing.. I suppose I should be impressed.. but as Cynyr said I doubt many will read the entire list
          are you bored or what?
          Those extensors and flexors of the forearms will need heavy massaging and soaking in epsom salt water. If you do not do this, your fingers will clinch into claws and you'll scare the neighbor children.

          "American Justice - Howard Mechanic: a fugitive who protested Veitnam war and threw cherry bombs at firemen is hunted for almost 2 decades as is finally caught."
          This bastard better hang!!
          Last edited by Cynyr; September 16th, 2006, 12:40 AM.


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            Please enlighten us about :
            Safe Handling of Pesticides.
            Installing Kitchen Cabinets.
            Oh great KiNoRonin.....


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              I took up the hobby of recording preserving programs from the TV that have good historical, or scientific knowledge
              have not done much video tape work since I got this computer on line. I guess I will have to put aside a day to edit those 6 or 8 remaining programs.

              So if you want to consult someone who knows about any of the above programs, do not hessitate to let me know.

              Ki No Ronin
              Wow that is a long time to type.
              I remember some of those programs too, good stuff. But Ki No Ronin I noticed you mentioned "edit" programs, so are you saying that these are not bought programs? You say you are preserving them? Well seeing that alot of those are from the HC or A&E, or CBC then I can say that they are preserved well enough already

              The MysticWicks Library This library contains text which are available in full length under copyright laws. if you find anything here that should not be here, please contact an administrator. However, all texts are researched to make sure we are in compliance with copyright laws
              Another thing I wanted to point out in the above quote it mentions that this is a Library for text, so I am not sure if even what you have presented here would be useful or not.
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                I recorded the programs in whole, and then later editted out the Commercials.

                Actually, I blew a few guys minds at the Swimming Pool when we got to discussing the Historys of England, Titanic, and the HMS Victory.

                They were impressed at how I was able to recount exact numbers of how many Men were wounded at Trafalgar and how the Shoes and Boots of Drowned Victims of Titanic mark the spots where the Victims came down to rest after sinking all that distance.



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                  I should mention that in the last year, I did record a New Knowledge Video, which is called "The Salmon Forest".

                  I found out about it when one of my Streamkeeping Buddies sent a round trip Email to all members that a Episode of David Suzuki's Nature of Things called "The Salmon Forest".

                  It is a Chronical of how important it is for the Trees of the Pacific Northwest's Forests to have their Salmon Runs.

                  It basically Chronicals how they did some Science Experiments on the Wood of the Trees and found that the Nitrogen Complex in the Trees surrounding a Salmon Stream is Very High in the Nitrogen Complex Molecule that is the Most Common Nitrogen Molecule that comes from Salmon Fish.

                  They also did some Examinations of Trees in areas that had Lost their Salmon Runs and found that those Trees were Not As Healthy.

                  So the Conclusion of the Documentary states that Trees that grow with Salmon Body Carcasses supplying them with the Natural Nitrogen tend to become Dependent on that supplying of Nutrients and if the Trees loose that Source of Nutrition, then those Trees become Weaker and Unhealthy.

                  KNR - 3X3


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                    Also, in December 2005, I recorded off of the TV the Three Part Series called "Guns. Germs, and Steel". It is the Docuseries about the Book written by Jarad Diamond.

                    It Chronicals how Mankind managed to Harness the Natural Processes of Nature in order to become one of the Most Influential Creature on the Earth.

                    It also shows how Abusive Agriculture Practises can turn Previously Fertile Lands into Barren Deserts.

                    It was from this Docuseries that I learned how Mankind Discovered and Harnessed Farming of Wheat in the Fertile Crescent that Sparked Off the Organized Civilizations that we have around us today.

                    I actually did a Rewriting of my SLM Essay based on Information that I discovered from this Program.

                    KNR - 3X3


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                      A question for you

                      I'm curious as to why you would think that your "knowledge" videos should be mentioned here, where people are consulting the Mystic Wicks Library?

                      The library consists of complete texts of scholarly works that can be read directly from the file, right here at the library site.

                      On the other hand, you videotaped PBS and Knowledge Network TV shows and watched them, and now you are what? Offering to tell people about them? Do you just want an opportunity to show off how much you remember after watching some of these "20 times?"

                      To be of any use as a library, you would have to offer to lend out your videotapes. As you have so carefully listed all the titles, I assume you are willing to do that? How does one go about borrowing one of them from you?


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                        In general, this portion of the MW Library is a generalized sub forum for discussion or other information a party may wish to share. When opening the MW Libary forum the actual text threads are located above and clearly delineated per topic.

                        In essence, the "rules' applied to the actual MW Library topics do not apply to the discussion threads.
                        "Doesn't respond well to bullies, baseless allegations and narrow-mindedness. Approach at own risk if participating in one of the above. :uhhuhuh:"

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                        For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all its own -- And the pity of it is that these things cannot be confined to the Twilight Zone. ~ Rod Serling

                        Then the devil's clock struck midnight. And the skies lit up again. And the battlefield where heaven stood. Was blown to hell again
                        ~ Garth Brooks "Belleau Wood"


                        We die with the dying:
                        See, they depart, and we go with them.
                        We are born with the dead:
                        See, they return, and bring us with them."

                        T.S. Elliot
                        Little Gidding, Fourth Quartets


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                          Actually, I once made Copies of "Origins of Halloween" and "Mysteries of Stonehenge" and mailled them off to some People who wanted to have a Copy (at my own expense).

                          I did that through the OBOD's Druids Head Pub in the Confidential Members Only Bards Forum.

                          I would Love to do that again, but I couldnt afford the Expenses right now.

                          Basically, I Copy and Hand Out Information on Celtic Paganis, Celtic Druidism and Celtic Buddhism whenever I can at my Own Expense.

                          KNR - 3X3


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                            All I can say is wow. I can't remember that much and I'm a genius.