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    My Safe Home
    I'm a new pagan, and am as trepidatious as they come.
    I think it will do do me good to post here, even if it's only the mundane release of feelings.

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    I am glad, today, for the tiny buds of friendship I see forming. It was hard before, and I know the journey will again be a long one, but I'm thankful that just as I was resigning myself to some major solitude, I've found some possible connections. I am grateful for this small and happy gift.

    I am worried, upset, and confused, today, because I still cannot grasp Physics. I have never before needed to have such focus and dedication for any subject in my life. I feel as though I am draining a major part of myself, and all for dismal resuts (still failing the class). I know that there are lessons to be learned here (willpower, dedication, perserverance, optimisim), but they are not easy to learn. I ask for guidence and advice, or even just a few flickers of hope. I will not give up, even though I want to.

    blessed be.
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      in the words of Devendra Banhart "I do dig a certain girl"

      I'm trying to step back and enjoy some things in life, despite school's overwhelming negative impact.

      Thanks for helping me along, guys.


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        It's been awhile.

        I've got a doctor's appointment today. Just an annual check-up, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask for a zing from XYZ energy source.


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          It's been more than a while. I drifted away, but drifted back, just like i always do.

          I'm feeling so much better about myself this year. I'm thankful for my new sense of optimism and for all new social connections I've made this year.

          i feel so much healthier, mentally and emotionally, and for that I'm very grateful.


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            It's been.... some time.

            Today! What a glorious day! So many little things, adding up to boost my confidence, bring a smile to my face, and make me feel like I'm where I need to be.

            It's as though the stars aligned, heard my worries about social anxiety, and threw nice people my way. Lunch buddies, library conversations and the promise of good discussion later this evening. I feel more in control than I have for weeks!

            Yay for the simple pleasures of green tea, comfy sweaters and smiles from other people.

            Today was a GOOD DAY, and there ought to be more like this in the future!


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              I've been there and back again, certainly.

              I'm about to start my Senior year, and am sitting with all the anxiety and curiosity I can stand, trying to decide what topic I'll write my senior thesis on. A big question. No set answers.

              Trying to breathe and think thoughtfully.