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Doorways and Keys

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  • So I think I finally figured out just exactly why I don't enjoy music as much as I used to, I think I finally know why I became addicted to NPR and 950 AM. I've been so emotional lately, thats what I get for going off of my meds for a few days! Any help with those things would be greatly appreciated.

    Cause they are pacing the hallways again for some reason
    I think it was neon zoo that was my undoing
    and it all seems so long ago
    i dont want it
    and i want it
    and i know that if i was that
    i would not want to be that
    its too exhausting
    and i'm already too tired

    help me find focus mother
    as always, my heart is yours

    “I think witches, of all people, are attuned to the weird.
    That's how we get our rep, I suppose.”