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  • Dear Lord and Lady

    It has been quite a while since I have been to this site. No, I haven't forgotten it. I had computer problems. I am unable to afford to get my computer fixed so for now I am on a borrowed computer. I consider myself lucky to have it. So much has happened that I don't even know where to start. My sister has another puppy now, my grandfather is sick... I can't keep up with life anymore. Dear Lord, please see me through the trying time I am going through now. Grant me your patience and wisdom. So mote it be.

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    Dear Lord and Lady, please make this week a positive and prouctive one. Please give me the energy and patience that I will need to help my mom with babysitting my sister's dogs. Please let the results of my grandfather's test turn out well. So mote it be.


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      Wow, it has been a while once again. My grandfather passed away on June 23 rd. So much has changed, I don't even know where to start. I intend to visit this site more regularly. I will write a more detailed entry tomorrow.

      I feel like I don't know myself anymore. So much has been going on lately. I just can't write about it all now.


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        My diet has it's ups and downs. I am so sick of it all. All the tiny, beautiful girls in the world, and I look like this. I can barely look at myself in the mirror without crying anymore. I gave up on dating a long time ago. No one will ever want to date me, as long as I look like this.
        Oh well, enough of that. Work was so busy today, and Angela being out did not make this any better. I worked unusually late today. By the time I got home from work I was so hungry that I just blew my diet. It is a no - win situation.


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          I am watching the news about the crisis in the Mideast and I am deeply saddened by it. When will this finally come to an end? When will these people be able to live in peace?
          I joined this debate forum but new members are not allowed to post until they meet a certain criteria, and they will not tell what it is. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Oh well, I probably would not post much anyway. I don't often share my opinion on politics and such. I enjoy just reading the site.
          Funny how there are people dying and I am concerned over not being allowed to post on a message board. lol. I am just beginning to realize how blessed I am. I live in a country where you can walk across the street and not be blown up. My biggest worry is usually about something on the internet, and theirs is about getting food for the day.
          Sometimes you just don't realize how lucky you are to have everything that you have.


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            What a day...

            Wow, work was so busy today. I don't know where all this work came from. We are getting jobs from clients I have not seen in ages. I am not complaining though. I could use the money. I just wish it wasn't so overwhelming. And to top it off, my machine was not working well today. Busiest day of the year and the machine breaks, go figure.
            Still praying for peace in the Mideast.


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              Lady Aquamarine

              Dear Lady,

              I am sorry to hear about your troubles.

              Please love yourself, there is surely someone out there for you.

              I thought I would never find someone too, but I did. I am overweight somewhat, certainly not tiny. Sometimes, I think demographics has a part in who people find attractive.

              Don't give up on you health. I have lost weight by eating several small meals a day. More vegetables and fruit. Less white starch, pasta, bread, rice, etc. Start buying whole grain rice and bread if you can. You can do it. I use to emotionally eat. Now, I have to watch it because of high blood pressure.

              As you get older, you will be happy that you changed your eating habits, you will prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other illnesses.

              Good luck, I feel your struggle and prayer will help too.

              Warmest regards, La Fortuna:fpraise:
              New Yahoo Group::boing:


              At this group we will discuss all things Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian), ritual magic in particular.
              Hope to see you there !!!!:fpraise:


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                It's been a while...

                Once again, it has been ages since I have been here. So many things in my life have changed. I got a dog, I have a new I must say that they have changed for the better. I will make it a point to visit this site more often, I was thinking about this place and I missed it. I have a doctor's appointment tonight. I am getting a physical and having my thyroid checked. Hopefully all will turn out normal.


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                  My visit to the doctor...

                  I have returned from the doctor. I was unable to get my physical and thyroid checked because it turns out that I am sick. No wonder I have been feeling so run down lately. I have a sinus and ear infection. She gave me some drugs, so hopefully I will get better soon.


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                    Feeling slightly better.

                    I feel slightly better already. I am on Biaxin, which works very well for me. It seems to be the only antibiotic that works anymore. At about 9:30 I have to go to the doctor yet again, this time to get my allergy shot. It seems I have spent half my life in and out of doctor's offices. I can't wait to just do this and get it over with. I am so glad that I have returned to Mystic Wicks. I love the online coven I belong to, don't get me wrong...but sometimes it seems as if we are putting on an act there. No one is all goodness and light all the time. People debate things, people disagree on things, people question things. And people sometimes even argue. It is all a part of life.
                    Well, I have to get ready to go now. See you all later.


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                      I have tomorrow off!

                      I am so glad I am off from work tomorrow. My ear infection was hurting me again today. I work in a factory which gets pretty noisy so that probably did not help much. I intend to read a lot tomorrow.
                      I love this weather. I have my spring clothes on for the first time this year. I might go for a walk tomorrow.
                      Something has been bothering me lately. I had this friend that I met on the internet. We grew really close and he was always telling me, "I love you so much, you are the most wonderful friend," this and that. Then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me. He stopped calling and stopped answering my IMs. I guess maybe I did not mean as much to him as I thought I did. Maybe this happened to remind me to be more careful of friendships that I develop online. It just bugs me though. I was always there when he needed to talk. But when I need to talk, he is nowhere to be found.
                      Oh well, life goes on I guess. What can I do, but take it as a lesson learned and move on.


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                        I am having trouble with my diet today. I am sick and when I am sick I find it hard to stick to my diet. Eating gives me comfort. Maybe I will take a break from my diet today but go back to it tomorrow. It is hard. It is so hard to change a lifetime of bad eating habits. But it needs to be done. I am tired of hating the way I look.


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                          I love helping people. I am donating some canned food to the boy scouts for their food drive tomorrow. It is amazing how just this one act of kindness makes me feel so wonderful. I know that because of me, someone will not go hungry. I need to start helping people more often. It does wonders for my self esteem issues.
                          I actually had a dream that I remembered this morning. I dreamt that I saw a guy from high school who use to torment me physically and emotionally. I ran to him and hugged him. He hugged me back. I felt like I was embracing a painful memory from my past. Maybe this is a sign that I am ready to overcome it. Maybe it is telling me that it is time to face my fears and move on. Looking back in my dream journal, I saw that I had a similar dream on 5/15/06, though I do not remember that dream now.


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                            I was just thinking that I am so lucky to live in my town. It is such a quiet, safe place. The neighbors are so polite and respectful to each other. The children all play on their own property and don't bother anyone. I don't have to worry about anyone stealing my mail or egging my house on Halloween. The cops here are all very polite and when you need them, they are there in less than 5 minutes. When I hear of people having problems with their neighbors, I think of how lucky I am to live where I live. Thank you Goddess. I am truly fortunate.
                            Well, I am off now. Bye everyone.


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                              I am up early today, just thinking about life and other various things. I am thinking how odd it is that sometimes things happen and you think it is the worst thing in the world and then it turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. I often think about weird random things early in the morning.