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    I have not forgotten this site. I have just been busy playing on Neopets.


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      Wow, this is still here...

      I did not even think I would be able to find it. I read back a few posts and found how far back this is amazing, almost 5 years. I have been busy, trying to find a lot of things in my life. Some worked out, some did not. But eventually everything will fall into place as it is intended to. I have traveled through various Wiccan sites and played many games online over the years and met many wonderful friends on the way. I met a wonderful guy, thought he was the guy I was looking for but it turned out he was not. But we are still friends. He has taught me so many important lessons in life. I will probably refer to him every now and then so I will call him B. Another very significant friend that I have come back into contact with is a girl, I will just call her K. Sometimes I don't know what I would do if I had not found these two wonderful people.
      I am not sure if I will be around often, but we will see what happens. An important lesson that B taught me is to just go wherever life takes me and stop worrying so much about what I might do or what will happen. So, if I don't come back soon, who knows...maybe in the near future.