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Those that watch over me... hear my prayers

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  • Those that watch over me... hear my prayers

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    Chant of new venture and of travel.....(for Nightshade)
    Chant of new venture and of travel a place of renewal and inner peace
    Begone...the troubles of doubt and anguish
    Surround the energies and delight
    Reimburse us..... in its joy's and plesant feelings
    Come....let us dance in joy and aid our sister on her way in safety

    ~smiles~wow! thankyou.x ive only just seen this!!


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      Originally posted by He who seeks

      yes im glad you like it
      I hope you have had a trouble free time moving house and settling in
      it must of worked from the sound of things


      on other news sorry about there being no prays and or poems, ive hit a difficult patch and cant realy find enough will to do anything on line or reply to posts
      >>>it did indeed work, thankyou.:cheers: and you will find the way through all that life throws at you. open your eyes and your mind to what is probably staring you in the face. the answer is usually never far away.

      may you find peace, from your troubled waters, and calm amongst the storms. be blessed.
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        ~Only you know what I say in a place long forgotten, as here in undisturbed dust i leave a message, a ryhme, and a clue~

        Today is samhaim, i cannot think of a better time to post this with what it contains.


        To you who i address , hear this
        To you who i think of; remember this
        To you i ask , hold this

        This is my silence of mind
        This is my attention of detail
        This is my action of doing

        I foreswore an oath to myself to carry out what i said i would decades ago
        Would you still have me do it?

        To you the stars
        To you the earth
        To you the all that is between

        Here we are where we were, planting what goes and reaping what stays.
        Thinking what you say, would it but to that line obey?

        What is shown when not reveal?
        when not done, is being finished?
        how be erased by being drawn?

        A testament to stone both heavy and carved still change when the mountains flows in the air.
        sigpic The mystery awaits all at the touch of a button.