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    Here I cherish the beautiful baby boy, whom I never got to know.

    A greeting and hello from your mother:

    Hey baby, Momma's here now
    and I love you.
    Hey baby, how are you doing?
    I hope you're doing fine.
    Hey baby, are you behaving?
    you be a good boy, ya here?
    Hey baby, momma misses you and everyday I wish you were here.

    ~Thunder Riverwolf initated Sept. 17th 08 by TigrisLily Panther.
    Alexander Daniel WolfPanther

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    Letter to Alex

    A letter I wrote for Alex today:

    Dear Alex,
    How are you doing? I'm not quite sure where you are, but I hope you're safe and happy there. I miss you so much, and I think about you every day.

    My life has been hard lately. I'm still stressed and upset about what happened, and I'm trying not to blame myself for it. It is in no way your fault, and I hope that you can comprehend and understand that.

    I light a candle for you daily, and I've talked to your grandma and your uncle and aunts about you. I've made sure they know what a great person you are, and how much joy you would have brought to our family.

    I'm still in school, just like before, and although my friends don't know exactly what is wrong, they have been and continue to be very supportive of us through this time. I'll tell them when I'm ready, because I still don't know how. I know Emily will understand and pray for you and although Shawn might need to warm up to the idea, you will remain in her thoughts and prayers forever.

    It may have been a mistake, but you would have been the best mistake I've ever made. I always will, and still do love you.

    Try not to forget me Alex, I want you to know and remember me, and always know that I love you, and would do anything to have you with me right now.

    Please stay safe and wait for me, because someday, near or far, I will see you again. I look forward to seeing how much you've grown. Until we meet again though, know I love you and miss you so much.

    Never forget me,

    Your mother

    P.S. Give me a sign sometime that you're okay. I love to know that you're safe and smiling wherever you might be.

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      Alex's lullabye

      I didn't remember the lyrics, so I mixed a melody and some words to form my own creation of a song. It looks bad on paper, but I can't help crying when I sing it.

      Would you know my name? Know my name? If I saw you in heaven?

      Would you cry, cry, when you heard my voice?

      Oh would you smile, would you smile? If you saw my face.......

      In the starry skies, starry skies, please sleep tonight..... wipe your tears, baby wipe your tears, and you can say goodnight.

      Do you know my face? my face? How about my voice? my voice? Sleep tight, dear child, tonight......

      Would you cry if I told you your name? Do you think, that it'd still be the same?

      Please sleep tonight, oh sleep tonight, wipe your tears, oh wipe your tears, and let me sing goodnight.

      There's one thing I know, one thing I know, one thing I know........You'll be in my dreams tonight.

      I love you sweetie

      Sleep well

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        It's not storming, but I was thinking about the victims of hurricane/tropical storm Ike, so this one is for everyone in Texas (especially my good friends Dave and his daughter Annie, and my friends friend Nastia and her parents)

        My friend Shawn (whose very Catholic but very supportive, and doesn't think I'm going to hell) helped me write this, so it sounds a bit like a church gospel song when it's sung.

        But it's mainly a song based on Alex's magical name.


        When the storm comes in
        and the lightning strikes
        I can heaar you Thunder,
        you're here tonight.

        As the rain falls down,
        during the dark of night,
        I hear you Thunder,
        with me tonight.

        and baby please,
        oh, dry your tears,
        oh dear, sweet thunder
        momma's here...

        and when you cry,
        a thousand tears,
        you'll know sweet child
        your mommy's here.

        Goodnight Alex

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