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  • Leaving behind

    In this sacred space, I wish to leave some things behind. Release the pain and doubt that has plagued my heart, mind, body, and spirit for too long now. Place my trust in those that have the steerage of me, move forward beyond this quagmire.
    I have sung and prayed and despaired and questioned. So tired now. Please take this hurt from me so I may find peace. Cannot petition any louder, or hope any harder.
    Give me the wisdom to accept what must be, will be . Grant me patience to guide me. Be at my hand when night makes all things sharp and terrifying.
    My poor voice is too little to praise you, and my words are sore from pleading, but from the darkest shaking part of me, thank you.
    Blessed Be

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    I too ask to leave behind that which is more than I can carry.
    I would leave behind fear and its scars; self-doubt and self-loathing; and the inability to hope.
    May I learn from the past and not repeat it; but may the present become more livable and the future more hopeful. Help me get through the coming days and weeks which will be hard. Please help me remember that I am loved at least a little.
    I give thanks for what I have received in the past. I pray with hope for the future.
    So mote it be.