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Gone so soon.

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  • Gone so soon.

    Michael, you never came, your just gone.
    Why didnt you come when you passed on?

    Did I miss something?

    Do you know you weren't just my cousin, you were my brother.
    You always came to my rescue, covered for me, and heck, were my brother.
    I will never forget.
    I just wish you wouldnt of left so soon.
    WTF, 47?

    Dam Michael, it seems like life has been a dream.
    Where you really there all those years?
    Your so gone now. So gone.

    A lifetime, now gone.

    You were the last of my family.
    I didnt think that light would ever go out, not like this.

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    Oh Shanti
    May your pain be mine,and my love be yours
    May there be a miracle in your life today & may you have the eyes to see it.