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Altar to Those Who Are

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  • Altar to Those Who Are

    My virtual altar.


    As this day draws to an end
    I call on Those Who Are to bless the ones I love
    May they be protected and cared for
    From below, around, and above

    Bless my dance teacher
    And know just how much she cares
    She is a blessing to the world of dance
    As is the knowledge she shares

    Bless my friends and family
    Few though they may be
    They are as precious as gold
    And will be for eternity

    Bless the dancers all over the world
    Whose passion is the one I share
    They are my sisters and brothers
    Bless the dancers, here, there, and everywhere

    And bless me, God and Goddess
    As an end comes to this day
    Ensure I will always dance
    And that I stay true to the Irish Way

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    I ask that You aid me in the project my best friend, her aunt, and I am undertaking. Writing a book is not an easy task, and Your help is needed.


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      Dear Goddess,
      Hear my plea
      Protect the one
      Who teaches me

      Dear Goddess,
      hear my plea
      And as I will it
      So mote it be