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A Nomad's sacred Starbucks

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  • A Nomad's sacred Starbucks

    I come before you in love, beseechment, and wonder -
    Seeking out the ancient Gods and spirits of nature in this Modern Age.
    Those surrounding, influencing and penetrating my life in today's cities of steel.

    I've felt I've wandered aimlessly for so long, this way and that -
    Often afraid that I've been lost down so many forks in the wrong path.
    Only recently have I realized all has happened as You have meant it to unfold.

    I know now I am the spirit of the Nomad, completely at peace without a home.
    My resonance is for movement through this life, constant change, and adaptability.
    I understand now the Quest itself is my growth and my goal, not any particular destination.

    I call out to You, the Gods and Spirits for new direction - not destination.
    Please reveal yourselves and your intentions to me, so we might know each other, and understand.
    Help me to grow, to become - and teach me what is expected of me as your urban Nomad.

    Spirits of the wind, carry my call to the Divine, to those who would respond.
    That I may meet them soon along the winding roads of my life's journey.
    I shall be waiting patiently at the next Starbucks along the way.

    - Tip-toeing the raggedy edge of something magnificently dark but truly amazing...

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    I am amazed to feel your subtle influences already... And for that I am truly grateful.
    I must admit, I need bigger hints - waving flags, neon signs or sudden flashes of clarity.
    I want so badly to show you (or those of you) aiding me proper thanks and reverence,
    But for now I am missing the clues as to your true divine nature(s). Help me to see!!

    So for now I will extend an universal THANK YOU - light a candle in your honor and bow my head.
    I shall leave offerings of both wine & rum hoping one or both may be to your liking.
    I acknowledge the abundance and success appearing in my life, and your part in bringing it to me.
    I will watch for your appearance(s) in my daily life, and welcome you into it with open arms and a warm heart.

    - Tip-toeing the raggedy edge of something magnificently dark but truly amazing...


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      I come to my spirits not with a request for me, but for my new friend Bill.
      You know him - and the kindness and warmth of his old soul and weakened body.
      I ask that you help him find peace as he nears the end of a full life.
      Kaliel - Please wrap him in your warm wings of healing love.
      And bring comfort to his wife Marilyn, should this ordeal mark the last of his days with her in this life.

      I know better than to ask for more of the same daily trials and troubles Bill has lived with recently.
      But I can wish that he know how deeply he has touched my life in the short time I have known him.
      Please, ease the pain. Bring him peace. For my friend, a great man.

      Thank you, all.

      - Tip-toeing the raggedy edge of something magnificently dark but truly amazing...