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  • Wishing for Direction or Peace

    To my "lady"

    I am grateful for your presence in my life, even if I haven't completely figured out what it means for me yet. My year has been filled with deaths, disappointments, sorrows and trials. Very little good has happened, but I will always be thankful for the fact that I do not struggle to survive. I have the opportunity to have a home, food, clothes, water, electricity, a family that loves me--but people and things I love keep leaving my life and I'm not sure how much more I can take.

    I see more hardships in my near future, and I wish only for the strength and fortitude to endure them, and for the dawn to come after the darkest part of this "morning." I hope for my path to make itself known to me, to be able to be where I need to be, and to not screw up so much anymore.

    I'm praying for something good to happen, no matter how small.

    I give thanks and hope for a better tomorrow, for myself and others, as always.
    "Be evil--you smile more."

    --Brady, our beloved GM, during a WoD session.