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Samhain Remembrance

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  • Samhain Remembrance

    Each year, during the days before Samhain, there is some time set aside to remember all those who have gone. Each of us takes a turn to tell a story or describe the best parts of the loved ones we remember. It isn't always confined to people, there have been many furry family members as well as people. Keeping their memories alive allows us to share the best of them, helps them live on and gives us a reason to smile even when we feel the sense of loss.
    Come and share your favorite loved ones, tell us a story so we can see them as you do.
    Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened.

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    What a wonderful idea.

    My grandmother passed away a couple of years ago. She was a wonderful woman, but my most striking memory of her was when I took jason up to meet my family. My parents refused out of sheer stubbornness, so I took him to my Mimere's house to meet her. My grandfather had been gone for a fe years, and her health had, since that time, steadily declined. but she was happy, cheerful, and all to glad to sit and talk with the two of us for a while. And the best moment was when she shared some stories of when my mother was my age (at the time) and all the aggravation she had caused. It made me realize that .. knowing what a good relationship the two had then .. things between my mother and I wouldn't always be so strained.

    And I remember her smile. She always had such a sunny, cheerful smile, no matter what was going on. And her voice .. her voice is indelibly marked in my memories.

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      My father took his own life 22 years ago when i was 8 years old, his death affected me really badely as i was growing up and i was in my shell up and very shy until i left school, i am ok now though and its taken along time to get over his death but i still do miss him alot. Even though i was very young when he died, i can still remember alot about him and the things we did, i remember him taking me to work with him on Saturdays and also getting me to demolish some old TV's that he had collected at the back of the garden, my dad used to be a talented inventor in which he built me this learning TV which i would insert alphabet cards into it and the letters would show up on screen.

      Geez, i do miss him.


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        This is wonderful

        My grandma passed away this February..
        She was like my mom, she always watched me while my mom was working as a child..
        she pretty much raised me. I am the person I am because of her.
        She had a smile on her face always..that is one thing I will never forget is her smile..both in good and hard times. She was very sweet and loved us sooo much she would always worry about us...even my mom that she was already a grown woman.
        My grandma made the best tortillas and rice...mmmmm....
        I truly miss her and still cry for her to this day.
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          That would have to be my Dad.He died at the young age of 44....I was 18.He had many ailments over the short life he had;diabetes,heart attack,kidney failure(He was able to go on dialysis at home)...but through all that,he laughed and enjoyed life to the fullest.He died in the hospital from the flu.Not something anyone had expected,because after all he had been through...he'd always pull through it and laugh harder at what life had thrown him.

          We used to camp every summer in Pentwater...practically my Dad's whole family would go.So we had a good chuckle when for the very first time,my Dad had a reservation for a campsite and my Aunt and Uncle didn't.Had he only lived a few short weeks more,we know for a fact that he would have rubbed it in her face so bad,and probably lived long enough to enjoy his campsite just to spite her.

          He even had a sense of humor right before he died.It was the first day he looked well,was up eating and had joked around to some of the nurses.After chatting with some relatives that had long since died(thats what my Aunt tells me),he was resting come night.A nurse came in to see if he wanted some ice water,he said yes,and then as she was walking out,he mentioned his Dr.was going to be so pissed at him.He died before the nurse made it back to the room.His Dr. had been out of town...and had made my Dad promise he would never get sick while he wasn't around to care for him.
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            I remember my great-grandparents. Bauma and Papa lived in thier own house a block away from my grandmother. My own house as a child was a block behind grandmother's house. At five, I would ride my tricycle to Bauma and Papa's house for breakfast, my cereal, Bauma's runny fried eggs and Papa's red beer. Every day the same thing, then back down the street to grandmother's house and we would make french toast or waffles for breakfast. Back home I would have fried potatoes or fruit to finish off my morning. I remember Bauma calling my mother to ask her why the poor thin child never had breakfast at home. I miss those mornings and I remember the look on my mom's face when she asked me what I did with all that food.
            Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened.


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              My father inlaw passed away Feb 28th of a massive heart attack. He was only 53. He was so good with my son who was not his biological grandson but he loved him just the same! I remember him always trying to get Dylan to stick out his tongue cause that was Dylan fav thing to do at the time.
              My father inlaw was always there to help or give advice. I go to his grave often, not to speak cause I know I can talk to him from anywhere.. but to respect him and keep that expensive tomb stone weed free :clapping:

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                My mother took her own life on Oct 4th 2001. She had battled the demons of her own mind for too many years, and they finally won, but now she isn't tormented anymore by them. I know she is happier where she is now, but I still miss her, and who she was before she became ill.


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                  What a great idea!

                  My best friend ever, Bolita, died in 2000. He was the world to me, and many a time kept me from killing myself. He was my constant companion, filled my heart, life, and world with joy and purpose. He was always waiting for me in the kitchen when I got home from school, always slept with me, and many a time allowed me to cry on his wonderfully soft fur. His green eyes hypnotized me and reminded me that I was loved and that I was special. He gave me life, he gave me hope, he gave me support, he gave me, me!! If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here now. Even when he was dying, the taught me about loving someone so very much that you put their needs before your own. After we had to put him to sleep he came to me repeatedly, to reassure me, and to let me know that he was still watching over me. He taught me about living, dying, the afterlife, and surviving the biggest loss in the world.

                  I love him and miss him very much!

                  Hugs, kisses and so much more my Boli Toonse! I love you sweetie.

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                    I have two.

                    My grandfather passed away in December 03 due to complications following bypass surgery. His funeral was what I remember the most. Everyone there who spoke of him talked about how much of a hard-ass he was and how he always told you exactly how he felt....which is true. But, I remember sitting there and feeling sad for all the people there who never knew the other side of my grampa. I remember 5 months before he died, him sitting on his porch holding my son (his great-grandson) and doing the "goo-goo" thing with him. And I remember him on Thanksgiving and Christmas giving hugs and love to all the grandkids. Yes, he was a fiesty, hard, "mean" old man....but he was a softy too.

                    And I remember my Great Gramma. Mother Weese. She died February 2004....and she never got to meet my son. And that more than anything else, hurts me so very deeply. I have so many happy thoughts with my GGM, that I can't even begin to list them all here. One that sticks out the most, is when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was 19, I was in school and I was scared. But I had a dream of placing my daughter in the arms of my GGM, and everything was OK. Even though we were over 3,000 miles apart, my daughter got to meet her Great-Great Gramma....even though Mother Weese, by that point in her life, had no idea who either of us were. And I remember her funeral too. And I remember my daughter writing a letter to Mother Weese saying that she was sorry that she's gone, but happy that she's no longer in pain and can remember everyone again....and I remember the look on my Gramma's face when she took that note and placed it under Mother Weese's pillow in the coffin with her....I miss my Mother Weese.
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                      For my Step Grand Pa "Pop, Pop"....

                      He lived a very long life, and enjoyed it alot. He was a carpender and fishman and was very fond of cats. He didn't let his age slow him down. He was a big kidder, teaser, and sometimes a practical joker.... He had a can spagetti Os with a spoof lable that said :Fish @$$holes...... LOL I will miss him. He passed on this year after being very ill in the hospital for a month. He will be fondly remembered....


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                        Nanny was my second mother, my confidant, my playmate, my caretaker, my friend. To call her my grandmother just isn't enough. She was always there for me - whether it was playing in the yard at the House in Copiague or holding me when my parents were screaming and throwing things before the divorce. She was truly beautiful, inside and out - I've yet to meet someone with the silver hair that she had. A stroke took her from us in Feb of 1996, after 9 months of suffering. But she still cared about other people before herself, asking permission to finally let go and pass over...

                        Nanny, I will never ever forget you. You are my angel, my guiding star, the root from which our family sprang...I love you.


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                          I have lost a lot of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins ...I miss them all terribly. I would like to talk about my uncle Dale..I nick named him Uncle dale Burger when I was a little girl because he loved hamburgers so much..the name stuck, and everyone called him that. He taught me to ride a bike. He gave up his pinkish color valient(SP?) and rode a bike everywhere.He just couldn't stop checking to see if he left the headlights was funny at the time because we didn't understand that he probably had a touch of obsessive/compulsive behavior. Uncle Burger was a custodian,but when he got off work on Friday he used to stay at our house on the weekends and we used to stay up late on Friday nights watching Nightmare Theater double feature..He slept in a sleeping bag on the floor with our little mini Dachsund at the foot of it. Dale gave me my love of old movies of all types. I used to charge him a quarter to hear me sing..not a bargain I can tell you. He was innocent, kind and sweet and I miss him- I hope in some way he knows that he made my life happier than it would have been without him. He died of cancer the day after my birthday, September 24th, 1996.


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                            i love this thread.

                            i lost my best friend and first love almost two years ago this month. he was buried on halloween. i went out to eat after the funeral and this song came on, "ooh oh oh, my boyfriend's back" about a boyfriend coming back from the dead. that boy always did have a sick sense of humor.
                            i missed him horribly and couldn't deal with it, i lost my way. then i had a dream and he looked at me and said "i'm ok, don't you know that?" and the way he said it was so typical, like "of course i am, you idiot." and then i felt better.
                            my best memories.

                            eeew. kisses.

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                              Wonderful memories.

                              I remember my Grandpa Grandinetti. He was only a kid when he came here from Sicily. He helped my great-grandfather Tontai carry two plants with him. They planted the grapevines in the back of the house they built. I'm going to live in that house. Grandpa could cook very well and on holidays we would arrive at the house to platters of food and a huge bowl of cavatios, or neokes as my kid brain called them. A day long spaghetti sauce filled with noodle dumplings and meatballs the size of my fist. We'd all settle in and eat with a glass of his homemade wine from the vines in the back yard. I still don't know how my glass stayed full when Grandpa was on the other side of the room.
                              I remember one thing that was very special, Grandpa had no idea what to get a girl for Christmas. He got me a dolly every year til I was sixteen. He finally decided I wasn't a little kid anymore and I got a necklace. It's the ugliest thing I own and the most special gift I've ever gotten.
                              I still love the smell of Grandpa's fat cigars and motor oil from the shop. I still think I can duplicate his spaghetti sauce if I keep trying.
                              Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened.