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    This is such a wonderful thread! I love reading all these heart-warming stories!

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    The melancholy days have come, the saddest of the year,
    Of wailing winds, and naked woods, and meadows brown and sear.
    ~/ W. Bryant

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      Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened.


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        My mother died seven years ago, in July. She was my life line, my anchor, the guiding light on my path...she never got to hold her grand-daughter, but I know she's been watching over her everyday. She was with me when I gave birth...I could see her standing there, silently mouthing"You can do are strong!" Had she not been there, I would have given up...and, when my daughter was ill, again she was there, guiding us thru those terrible weeks. I miss her everyday, but cherish all that she gave me, and all that she taught me.
        My heart and soul bleed for you
        But you will never know
        Unless your heart and soul bleed too.

        I have forgiven them this lust for human blood.
        Death, the last sleep?
        No the final awakening.
        ~Walter Scott~
        The secrets of the dark are only visible to those who are willing to see them.


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          *bump wiggle*
          Love the stories. Keep 'em coming.
          Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened.


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            My Grandfather died about 2 weeks ago and there is so very much I could say about him...where to begin.
            As kids, my sister, my cousin, and I would spend a month or two at our grandparents big farm house. We'd rent movies to watch everynight, and guarenteed every night half way through the movie we'd look over and my Grandpa would have his head back and be snoring like crazy! Eventually he'd wake up and wander to bed but later in the night us kids who were staying up late doing silly kid things would hear him snoring and all squeal because first we'd think it was a ghost.

            He loved fishing! He'd take us out on the boat and we'd go cruising on Lake Huron. Too bad his eyesite was starting to go so he almost beached us...a lot. But oh, it was fun!

            I can hear him now, his great Italian voice, his green-worn tattoo from what war I don't know...I never thought to ask. The dog tags he always wore...again from what war I don't know. I was always curious but i never did ask...regrets. As kids my cousin and I would run up to him and jump all over him hugging him screaming we love you grandpa! And we meant every single word of it.

            I remember how he'd go around the house and flip all the frills on the rugs back in order because us kids had messed them all up. After that he'd make us fix them all, hehe. But we never minded. The way he laughed, he had a smile that lit up and a laugh that was so strong. He never had to say a word he had such a presence!
            I would love to go on but I'm starting to cry and well, damn it. I love you grandpa.


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              I loved being in the kitchen or the garden with my Grandma.She taught me all I know about cooking.She had a talent for growing things too.I learned about herbs and home remedies,plants,even life from her.I can still smell the aromas that filled up the whole house when she was alive.She was one of the few people that I did not scare when I was growing up.My Grandma recoginized my gifts and helped me with them whenever I was troubled by what I saw.I miss her so much,but sometimes She comes back to visit .It's usually when I need her the most. I know she's close when I can smell fresh banana nut bread aroma drifting under my nose.
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                My dad passed away Feb 27th 2004 from Cancer ... I loved getting my @ss kicked playing pool and Mario kart after Sunday dinner every week ... I will have a great feast for you this year Papa ... I hope you are taking care of your grandchildren that passed before you ... Mommy misses you ... Bless you Odin Daris Quinn and Ariel Faith Genadee

                Roll on highway, roll on along
                Roll on Daddy 'til you get back home
                Roll on family, roll on crew
                Roll on Momma like I ask'd ya to do
                And roll on 18-wheeler

                Roll on highway, roll on along
                Roll on Daddy 'til you get back home
                Roll on family, roll on crew
                Roll on Momma like I ask'd ya to do
                And roll on 18-wheeler, roll on
                ROLL ON





                ROLL ON

                I love you daddy
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                  Oh goodness Wynnjera,your post made me cry..and it's only 7.30am.

                  My grandad passed 11 years ago this yule.
                  I have so many good memories of him..he was almost a dad to me.
                  He would sneeze loud enough to wake the house..whistle to annoy my nan..he almost lived in his greenhouse,he loved his garden.
                  One year he wouldn't let me in his shed for months,he had even blocked the window up so i couldn't see in.On christmas morning he presented me with a dolls house,he had made the furniture,everything..even carpeted it and wallpapered it.
                  He also made my daughters first bed in the shape of a train from tv.
                  He was amazing and always had time for me,he once said if i didn't ask questions i would never learn.
                  He adored my daughter but never met my son.
                  boy,do i miss him.I will be remembering him on Samhain.
                  May there be a miracle in your life today & may you have the eyes to see it.


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                    I remember my cat, Boots... we had to put her down on December 30th this past year... I remeber when I got her, she was so cute and small, and the best birthday present I ever got. It took my forever to pick out her name, originally I was gonna call her Elisabeth for my then best friend, and my grandma convinced me to call her Boots. She was so cute, with her little white paws and her black and pink nose. She could always fit into the tiniest places. We have a picture of her in a very small white basket, and on the top of a cowboy hat.
                    She also used to like fresh coffee grounds, it was like catnip to her, she'd roll around in it, and eat it, and then just go crazy! She was always playful, from the time we got her to the time she passed on, always wanting the water, sitting at the edge of the tub when there was water going. She always had to drink out of cup, she'd never user her water bowl. She loved to be brushed, just get her on your lap with the brush and she'd sit there, purring up a storm, your arm would get tired long before she wanted you to stop. She was tempermental and moody, and just the sweetest and softest cat I'd ever known. She never used her claws, she'd growl in warning, then she'd swat you, without her claws. She was always at the table for dinner, especially if we had turkey or chicken, she loved bird, she liked pasta too, and cheese... what a silly cat. She always joined me when I got into bed, in fact, she told me when bedtime was, and if I wasn't in bed when she wanted to go to bed, well, that was too bad for me, cause I'd have to wake up a grumpy cat when I was ready to climb in. She was a bed hog, she'd take over the whole thing if wanted, and she often did. Sometimes, on cold night, she'd curl up in my arms under the blanket.
                    That cat would lie on anything, so long as she was comfortable... I have a picture of her on my bed when I was unpacking my stuff from a weekend at a camp, she was, quite literally, on top of just about everything... it was so cute. She also liked to curl up under the blankets during the day, and at the head of the bed at night, and all I'd hear as I dozed off was her purring, and when I woke up... her on top of me, turning me into her bed.
                    I remember her waking me up December 30th this last year (13 years and 2 months after we got her)... I was set to get up early that day anyway... but she got me up earlier than expected. She jumped onto my bed and lied down, and stayed with me all day. She was saying goodbye, that is my firm belief, she knew that was her last day with us, and I think I knew too. That evening we took her to the vets and I wouldn't let her go, I held her the entire time we where in there. I think, deep down, I knew as we drove downtown that we wouldn't be bringing her home with us in anything more than a box with her ashes in them a few days later. She know sits on a shelf by my grandma, as they watch over eachother...

                    A few months later, though, we got the privlege of taking in a beautiful Abyssinian cat, who has a lot of Boots' traits, if she'd been a year younger we may have thought her to be the reincarnation of Boots... and though I miss Boots every day, and always will, I've got Missy and Blue for a little longer yet... and Missy fills a little spot that was left empty when we left Boots with the vets.... and I'm crying as I write this... sniff
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                      This has been a tough year- five people have left us since last October.
                      My wife's grandfather: you came to America a beggar, and worked
                      yourself to death caring for your family. Your wife of 62 years
                      is lost in your absence, George. She needs you now more than
                      My grandmother's brother: You witnessed the world through the
                      eyes of war, and never found peace again. Your garden had withered,
                      Lynn, but I still play your guitar. It only sings songs of
                      My great uncle: You fled persecution in europe, only to find
                      new prejudice here. You gave your ears to the steel mill, and
                      your heart to your loving wife; she lived for you, John, and
                      followed you quickly in death.
                      My great aunt: Fifteen years your husband's senior, you never
                      should have had watch him die; but you were there for him in
                      death, as in life, ever the devoted bride. Bless you, Marge;
                      this sunday we lay you by his side.
                      Mika: we found you cold on christmas morning, after a lifetime
                      of warming our hearts. Your gifts are still wrapped, friend, but
                      we didn't waste the wine. What can I say? You left us on christmas,
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                      I kneel in thanksgiving before thy alter, O Gloried Ones, and sing thee praise!
                      Truely thou art worthy of devotion!
                      Thy blessings surround and sustain me! I am filled with thy virtues, and rejoice:
                      Truely my life is but testament to thy glory!
                      Blessed be, above and below, to all, to one, and to Thee!


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                        This is going to be the longest post ever!.....maybe

                        This was a great idea. I'm planning on doing something that night but not sure right now.

                        My mom died in 1998. She had heart disease and underwent triple bypass surgery in 1991. She did really well for a long time after that, but when '97 rolled around, she started feeling weak and had to take frequent trips to the hospital. Soon after moving to Fl to live with my sister, she passed away after going to the hospital twice that day. I got the call around 5:30 that morning and was just in shock. We [my family] thought that she'd get back on her feet after seeing a new doctor (the current doctor we think wasn't giving her the right treatment. I think we should have looked into it myself..) but she just didn't get any better and the inevitable happened. Losing a parent is just something that you really don't get over and I don't think there's anything you can do to prepare yourself for it... After it happened, I talked to my aunt and she thinks that the moving out was preparing me for her departure, but I'm just not sure. My mom was a wonderful person and would do anything in the world for anybody if she had the means. Christmas and Thanksgiving really hasn't been the same without her.
                        In 2000, my oldest sister died from complications of heart surgery. I think that hit me even harder than my mom's death because you really just don't expect something like that after surgery. She was funny and had a wonderful personality. She could also get very angry at times. I remember that we'd have Christmas dinner at her house after our mom died. Way before that, we'd always get together and celebrate birthdays since ours was so close to each others. It was fun and I miss her so much

                        One of my great aunts died in a car accident about a month later in that same year. She was a great and funny person. I do regret that I never got to see her as much though. Her home was always really beautiful.

                        I lost a close cousin to me in 2001 from a car accident. He was like a brother to me even though I rarely saw him. Last time I saw him was the month that Dale Earnhardt got killed in that car crash. I'm lighting a candle for you, Robbie.

                        One of my Aunts died in 2002 from complications from pnuemonia & Lupus. She was very religious and was often trying to get family members to go to church. I admire her for being so strong and devoted to her faith. It got annoying at times though (forgive me Aunt Edie for saing that lol. I'll be lighting a candle for you too

                        The same year, an aunt on my dad's side died from cancer. I didn't get to see her that much, but she was cool. The last time I saw her, she was driving and doing so well. It hit my dad pretty hard

                        Last year, my grandmother passed away. It was very sad because she developed a form of Alzheimer's (I think it was anyway) cause she didn't know who anybody in the family was. I don't even think she remembered who I was. It's ironic cause she used to get around better than anybody in the family. She'd walk everywhere around her area. I'll miss her dearly cause she was the only grandparent I had


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                          i have several people ill be lighting candles for, this Samhain, and invite to join me.

                          My Great~Grandma - She died when I was 13, almost 9 years ago after a long battle with Cancer at the age of 90. I dont remember too much of her, but I do remember her smile & voice. She was always interested in my & my cousin's lives. Always gave us candy and little presents. I still have this little book, thats half torn, which she gave me when I was 3 years old - A book that has the phrase "I love you" written in all the major languages of the world.

                          My Friend - Zohar - I served at the same army camp as she. We worked at different offices, however we used to chill together a lot (especially when we were both on duty during weekends). She came to camp a few months after I had gotten there, and so as part of my job, I had to interigate her so that she could serve in her specific job which required clearence. So I knew a lot about her. She died a year ago in a car accident, on her way one night back home from a party.

                          My Friend - Maytal - Yet another army friend. She served at an office next to me. We werent VERY close, but we chilled together and had a few good times together. She died in a suicide bombing 2.5 years ago.

                          My Friend - Avishai - Another guy who served with me at my army camp. I was closest to him out of the three. He was also my friend's boyfriend (she worked with me in the same office). He hung out a lot at our office, we chilled together during weekends and on army vacation days. My best memory of his is when we went to the amusement part, one day, and he grabbed me and forced me to go on this ride that I was terrified of going on. I was so happy & greatful he forced me to face my fear. He was shot &killed by a Lebenease Terrorist sniper, as he was working at one of the fortresses, on the Israel/Lebannon border, on July 20th. He was supposed to marry my friend just this past September.


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                            My Meemaw and Dadiddy (don't ask about the name lol, it was my cousin's attempt at grandaddy and it stuck), my Paw Paw, my kitty Clawdia (this year), my brother's best friend (this year also, a tragic suicide). Safe journey to all. Oh yeah, and Johnny Ramone. All the Ramones are gone.
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                              My older brother died on St. Patricks Day 2001 at the young age of 26. During the last year of his life he had become my greatest confidante and cohort in all silly and juvenile acts. I will never forget the many lessons he taught me. There is one that runs through my head on a regular basis. When I was a freshman in high school I said I wanted to get a job. He told me not to worry about working during high school and college unless I really needed to. "You will have the rest of your life to work and if you start too early, you will later regret all the time you spent behind a cash register and wish instead that you had lived it up. Be a kid without all the responsibilities possible...this is your one and only chance."

                              I miss my bubby, especially now that I am planning my wedding without him. *snifle, sniffle*
                              SO much to learn...only a lifetime to do it in. Luckily it's never too late to learn anything.

                              I know I should probably grow up, but it's no fun out there!

                              This is for you little bro!--->


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                                I have been fortunate enough not to lose many people so far in life. I do, however, remember my grandpapa. He died when I was only 5, but I have a few very good memories of him. Like having a real tea party outside with grandmama's good china, and walking with him by the river. He was always willing to give his time to a little girl, and I remember him as active and loving right up till the end.

                                Thank you for starting this thread. I haven't fully remembered him for a long time, and this made me feel closer to a man I knew for a very short time.