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    Venna, the woman who was my nanny for 10 years and who was killed by a thief she caught red-handed. He killed her with a machete and buried her in the garden. She was the most patient, loving and friendly woman you could imagine. She smilingly put up with all my childhood escapades and taught me a great deal.

    Dusty, the most human-wise dog that ever lived. He died last summer, at the age of 14 years. He had a heart condition and all the vets had told us he would never live past 3. His mother was a fox terrier, his dad and African wild dog. He had an uncanny understanding of humans and such personality that even dog-haters said he reminded them of a human in a dogs body.

    Venna and Dusty, I honour you and may the Goddess bless you both.


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      My grandfather passed away in 2001. He was like a father to me, because his son, my real father wasn't very good at it! He always loved me for who I was, he knew that I was 'witchy' but he never judged me. He always believed in me and was always there when I needed him. My daugther, turned 3 a week after he passed away and they were best friends. He held on as long as he could for her. I miss him everyday and feel him with me from time to time.


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        Olof, my grandfather passed away last year. He was such a wonderful man.
        He would always listen, and nomatter what he was always there for you.

        After my grandmother died, he would spend a lot of time with Knut, his best friend.
        These two old guys used to travel all over Sweden and making friends everywere.
        And they travelled to Britain, none of them spoke English very well. The managed the everyday "hello,bye,how do you do..." But not much more.They would go to the local pub and make loads of friends, and every year they would travel to britain meet their friends and make some new!
        He was the kind of man that everybody liked.
        And he gave of himself to everybody he met.

        He is dearly missed, but we keep his memory alive.
        He will always have a special place in my heart.

        And if I know him, he´s having a great time, where ever he might be now.
        So heres to Olof,thank you for being a great grandfather and for everything
        I learned from you.Cheers.

        You can't get a cup of tea big enough
        or a book long enough to suit me.

        C. S. Lewis

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          I remember my grandpa Joe, who passed from this existance at the beginning of January, 1996. I loved him deeply, and miss him more than I could ever express.

          Gramps was the one person who always let me know that he was proud of me. When I was 5 years old, my grandparents bought my mom a tabletop organ for Christmas. (This was WAY before we had portable keyboards like we do know.) It was a wheezy, breathy thing that sounded awful, but I started to play around with it and pretty soon I was playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by ear, followed by The Entertainer. (I always was one to skip to the harder stuff. ) While nobody else cared much about my ability to play, my grandpa believed I had talent, and he told me so. He bought me a full-sized organ when I was 12, and every single Sunday when he and my grandma came to visit, he would sit beside me and listen to me play and tell me that I was good. He nurtured my love of music, and always encouraged me. He helped me get a clarinet when I was in 5th grade, and went to every one of my lousy high school band concerts and supported me while I learned to read music and not just play by ear. When I was 15, he got me a job at our church as the accompanyist for the choir. I was scared as hell, but he told me I could do it, and I did--for 17 years. And for most of those years, until he passed away, I would hear him singing loud and proud from the church below, while I played the organ and piano in the choir loft. He was an usher, and whenever somebody leaving the church commented on the music, he would always announce, "That's my granddaughter playing the organ!" It embarrassed the hell out of me, but I loved him for it, too.

          My grandpa didn't talk much, but when he did, he had a very dry sense of humor! I can remember him flipping the channels on the cable TV, and when he'd reach the Spanish language channel, he'd stop and watch for a minute. The characters on the TV would be chattering away in Spanish, and although he didn't understand a word, Gramps would stand there and chime in with, "No sh*t? Well, ya don't say!"

          Grandpa Joe always loved Halloween and Christmas, so he's always on my mind at Samhain and Yule. In life, he probably would have looked down on my religious choice when I became a Pagan, since he was very Catholic (and such a prominent member of the church that his funeral was presided over by FOUR priests!), but I believe that in death he understands and approves. Let me tell you why...

          Every Christmas, my family had a little tradition for giving out presents at my grandma and grandpa's house on Christmas Eve. Gramps would cover the doorway into the livingroom (where the tree was) with a sheet so Santa could come to his house without us spotting him. We would eat dinner in anticipation, and then we kids would all pitch in to clean up quickly and speed Santa's arrival. Inevitably, as we were sitting in the den, all antsy and waiting for that magical moment, Gramps would find some reason to leave the room. A few minutes later, a bell would ring, and we'd scamper into the livingroom to see all those presents awaiting us under the tree. Gramps was, of course, the honorary bell-ringer, even though he wanted us to believe that it was Santa's own signal that he had visited us.

          Well...last Yule our family did a ritual together. It was our first as a family, and it was very Pagan and spiritual. It was so beautiful, and full of energy and light. I felt radiant after we completed it, and thoroughly convinced that Paganism was the religion I'd been seeking all my life. Later, after the kids were in bed, my husband and I were relaxing on the couch, talking about the ritual and the wonderful feeling it left us. Suddenly, from the kitchen table (which we'd used as an altar earlier), my husband's ritual bell rang! The cats were on the couch beside us, but that bell rang clear and loud as if somebody had lifted it and given it a couple of shakes. "Yule faeries!" I laughed, and then my eyes misted over, and I said quietly, "Grandpa Joe...." I knew it was him, and that he was showing us his love and approval.

          I miss you, Gramps.


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            My Dad, he died of a massive heart attack at work, 5 years ago, when i now look back i realise he was very druidic in his ways. Although he wasn't practising or anything like that he had the most amazing affinity with nature which he has passed on to me, I was so angry when he left, not at him dying but for my son not growing up really knowing his grandad as he was 4 and the apple of my dads eye. I am sure i am a crafter today thanks to my dads nurturing, i still miss him and have the occasional lost tear, but one day we will meet again, i know he would be proud of how his family have turned out

            Dad i still love you and miss you every day
            witches do it by moonlight, practise safe hex


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              I remember JB and his dad Kayo
              His dad was Kayo Benevides, a crusty old guy who would come to the bar when I was working and drink his two beers, tell me not to eat the nasty food from across the street and then get his daughter to bring me real food from his restaurant.

              I Wondered for a while if the old guy was sucking up to the bartender but when he introduced me to his son, JB, I figured out why the old coot was so nice, he wanted to fix me up with his son. I've never seen a grown man so embarrassed in my life.

              JB did his best to apologize after his dad went to the bathroom and I let him know it was ok. We were friends after that, he didn't have many and he was happy that I could just be one of the guys. He made a great bouncer for me some nights, you just don't argue with somebody who can skid your butt down the road like a tiddlywink. On the New Year's lockdown party, he brought me every bottle I needed to make him some of the drinks we'd talked about. He always had a hello for me, hardly ever had a bad day and spent more than one night talking about anything and everything to make me feel better. I always counted JB as a true friend and Kayo was a sweet guy who wanted the best for the people he cared about.
              Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened.


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                I have lost many in my short life. Amoung them an aunt I grew up with, a cousin not 7 months old, three uncles -and though I concider all of my uncles to be like fathers to me I had a sepecial bond with one of them in particular. His name was Raymundo. He passed on when I was 12 and 12 years later it still hurts as if he left yesturday.


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                  My Sister Danielle died about 5 five years ago in a horrible car accident, she was 20 years old. But I'll never ever forget how much I looked up to her, how beautiful she was and is in every way. She was an art. Not an artist, but a piece of art herself, a masterpiece. You give her a word and she'll write the greatest poem. Giver her a pen and paper and you'll find no mistakes in any drawing. I remember how she held her cigarettes, always so calm and with a look in her eyes like "I dare you." My sister is incredible, though she's passed on I can still feel her with me, watching my every move and making sure I'm out of harm.
                  She was the original bad *ss.

                  On September 11th, her fiance, whom I just simply called my brother, Danny, died. I wish that he could see what he's left behind. He had an awesome band, and he was the most awesome guy in the world. He treated my sister like no one else ever did, or ever would. She could scream at him, hate him for a moment, he didnt care, he still smiled because she was just standing there right in front of him, in his home, with him. I miss him and his music so much, I know that he too is with me always, feeding my creativity alone with my sister.

                  They were meant to be, and so they are in the Summerland together, watching and waiting patiently. I miss them so much. I love you Danielle and Danny, and miss you too.

                  Let the beauty you love, be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.- Rumi

                  I'd say a thousands words if I knew just which one would make your heartbeat.

                  Love All, Trust Few, and Do Wrong to No one- Shakespear


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                    My aunt died about two years ago of a rare type of Leukemia. She had gone into remission, but it came back strong. She had been sick for years, for as long as I remember her, actually. She was a strong woman, but she must have thought that fighting anymore was futile. My family members tell me I'm a lot like her, and I hope that's true. I've never known anyone with stronger character than my Aunt Jill, nor anyone who enjoyed life as much. She left behind a loving husband who loves her still, and will always love her. I honored her on O Bon (it's like a Buddhist Samhain), but I will honor her again on Samhain.

                    Also, there will be a place on Samhain for my beloved Lee Kinezumi, my squirrel that gave me so much love and so many lessons in karma in far too short a time.

                    Much love, everyone.


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                      I remember Shaun.
                      For nearly three years we never went a single day without seeing each other or talking to each other. He survived so much in his life, he never quit, never sat back and just watched, he lived every day as much as he could. His most important promise was to spend time with his kids, they would know that they had a father who loved them even if he didn't live with them anymore. He never forgot to say I love you, never missed a special day, took a crappy job to stay close and did whatever the ex wanted so he could have time with them.
                      We had our own understanding. We were best friends first and always looked out for each other. He showed me how to stand up for myself and I showed him how to see through another's eyes. I wish now that I'd said the words out loud and you'd heard them while you were still alive.
                      I love you, I miss you and I will keep my promise to you and them.
                      Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened.


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                        I have two..Im sorry if I go on about them. Ill try to make it brief.

                        My Dad passed away several years ago of a blood clot in his leg. I had not spoken to him since I was 16. He now does silly things in my apartment like turning my t.v. on and off just to let me know he is there. I dont have many very good memories of him but I have two that really stick out in my head. One is of him and I horse back riding through an orchard. I dont know how long we were gone or anything but it is ne of the very few memories I have of him and I by our selves together.
                        My other memory is of him working on a 1955 ford pannel. He had this bright orange couch thing in the shed where he worked on it and I would sit there for hours just listening to him talk about how he wanted to find windows for it so we could drive it to Alaska. There were so many things I wanted to ask him and never had the courage. Then later in life I always wanted to tell him I was sorry for the pain I caused him and forgave him for the pain he caused me.
                        Those words should never go unsaid.

                        My other one is my sweet Tabitha. She was a Seal point siamese and just didnt come home one night. She had vocal cords that would drive me nuts and fur that was as soft as velvet. She was best buddy to my other cat Alley and put up with my daughters cat Mukka. she wasnt exactly a smart kitty but somehow she taught her self to potty on the toilet. What a sight that was. I miss her so much and wish she was here with us. I miss you Tabbis
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                          This year I have my Grandfather to add to my list. My heart aches everytime I think of him and I miss him everyday. This year will be for him.


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                            I remember all my pets,especially Gemma my border collie
                            i remember being there when the vet put her down, giving her a cuddle a saying everything wil be alright.
                            i remember when i found out that my cat had died, been run over by a lorry and then thrown in a field, as if not worth the effort.
                            i remember the countless arguments and disagreements that i had with my mum.
                            i remember the people who taunt me, and those who still do now.
                            ~ BRAT ~

                            I'm back... did'ya miss me?

                            If you hurt me, I do not bleed.
                            When hit with scathing words, I feel no shame.
                            If you killed me, I would not die
                            for I am Nothing.


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                              My grandmother- Nanny Pam. She was a wonderful lady and as I grow older I feel more and more like her. I'd like to think she watches me, from somewhere, and is proud.... there were little things like she used to dye her hair trying to get the color I have now... she loved spirituality. I wish I could talk to her now and see what she thinks of me.


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                                Glad to see this thread picking up again.

                                I remember Shaun. We were only together for such a short time to know each other so well. Shaun started out as my brother's friend, not a good thing to be at the time but I gave him a chance. I'm glad I did.
                                Because of Shaun I was able to learn to stand up for myself and say 'no' when I needed to. Shaun told me that he learned how to put himself in someone else's shoes because of me. He could be such a stubborn jerkwad and once in a while we'd find one of those arguments that neither one of us was going to back down on. They make me smile now.
                                His father was never around when he was a kid and he made only one solid promise the entire time I knew him, he would be there for his kids no matter what happened. He never forgot to tell them "I love you." I think that is the part that still hurts the most. I found the cd he made for me and later I found more of the music files he added to my computer. Funny how many different styles are there when he listened to rap all the time.
                                Two days after Shaun was killed I went home to go to bed and as I closed my eyes I felt someone sit on the bed. I thought it was my sister and started to tell her to let me get some sleep, then Shaun started talking to me. I thought I'd finally lost my mind, gone off the deep end and started imagining things because it hurt to much to think of him as gone. He told me a few things, about what he was doing, what he remembered and that I was supposed to be the one who made him feel better, not the otherway around. He reminded me of a promise I made to him and told me that he was still waiting to go hiking like we'd planned. I didn't turn over to look, I couldn't because I wanted it to be real and if I looked, it might stop. I told him I'd go in the morning if he just let me get some sleep. He said that was okay and he was going to check on the kids again. The bed creaked once more as the weight lifted and I pushed myself to go to sleep.
                                The next day I went hiking to the spot he'd told me about. I took the dog and my sister and when we got to the head of the trail we tried to figure out which way he'd gone. The dog found the first footprint, a clear mark that matched Shaun's ridiculously expensive shoes. We followed that to another print and another and gradually came to the right place by following those occasional marks. So maybe I wasn't crazy? Or my sister had joined me. At the end of the trial we found the spot he'd talked about, the echoes from above us made eerie noises and I realized that the creepy sounds he'd talked about were echoes, it made me smile. I found one perfect grey feather with a black tip and brought it back with me. I want my sister to put it in a dreamcatcher for me or maybe a shadow box.
                                I feel better knowing that Shaun is waiting to show me all this "cool stuff" when I move on. I miss him but I know he's okay, he told me so. :uhhuhuh:
                                Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened.