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    Well, someone that I actually miss greatly is my dog. He was a Scottish Terrior named Tigger. I called him Wiggler because he liked to wiggle around the floor. He was so cute. He was black all over. We found on the side of the road and I took care of him. He was so sweet. He would play with my cats, sleep with them, even bathe them.

    I feel so bad though because even though I thought he was cute my ex step dad made me take care of him and forced me to love him. I did love that dog, but not the way my step dad was. In the end, I spent more time with Tigger, growing closer to him. But one day when I was coming home from a softball game, I heard a gunshot. I heard a little yelp. I knew Tigger had died.

    I just wish there was some way to contact him, to let him know I love him. I believe animals have souls and they live on. I wish I could show him the love he never knew.
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      Its not family - but my rememberance is for Dimebag Darrell, brutally and senselessly murdered December 8, 2004. The world of music will never be the same. He will be forever missed

      Also lost that night were Jeffrey "Mayhem" Thompson, Nathan Bray and Erik Halk.
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        I want to remember my grandmother who actually adopted me when I was a baby,and raised me as her daughter. I want her to know that I am proud to be her daughter. That I love her and that I hope I can be half the woman that she was. I will miss her forever. This year is for her. One of my strongest memories of her is not what everyone would call a good memory but it describes her perfectly. She was in the hospital dying with cancer. She was suffering, she never screamed out in pain, she was very strong. On this particular night I was with her and everything was very quiet. I was just sitting by her bed. I thought she was sleeping, when she suddenly turned her head toward me with the biggest smile on her face. She was just telling me she loved me and was happy I was there. The other memory is when she actually passed from this world. I was at the foot of her bed everyone around me was crying and carrying on. But when she took her last breath I knew it. I did not need the doctors or the nurses to tell me she was gone. I could feel her leave. I also felt a comforting peace that I had never felt before. It was her last gift to me. She knew I was afraid of losing her. But I never lost her, she is now with me always, In this body she could only do so much. Now she is free to do much more and be so much more. I love her with all my heart and think she is the most wonderful woman I have ever known. I am now 42 years old, I was 21 when she past on. In those years I have learned so much, and I know she has helped me to learn them.

        May be and understand be with you always



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          Although Samhain is a time to remember those who have passed, I always take the time to remember those who are only gone from my life, although they may still be living.

          This Samhain, I remember my friend Jenna. She was a major part of my life for 4 chaotic years. Our friendship was an intense one, since we were in such close quarters for so long. As we left to attend different schools, we drifted apart, and continue to do so. It was a painful time, but when we parted ways geographically, I knew that it was only a physical manifestation of what had been long in the works.
          I am finally ready to let this connection go. I have learned from her, and treasured her, but she and I will never be what we once were to each other. Our political and religious ideologies clashed to a degree that we could not overcome.

          I miss her, but it's time to say goodbye, and make new connections.

          ... I hope this was an appropriate response. I know it isn't exactly standard, but it's something I've done for a few years now, so I thought I might as well do it on MW.
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            It will be one year tomorrow that my father passed.

            I know he knows and understands why I wasn't there.

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              Again, i remember my grandparents at this time.
              My grandfather was my life, and almost 12 years later, it still hurts like hell. I miss you.
              My nan died 9 years ago, and i love and miss you too.
              Life has gone on, but not a day goes by when i don't wish you were still here with me.
              May there be a miracle in your life today & may you have the eyes to see it.


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                My granny and grandpa... I'm sorry I didn't appreciate you both enough when you were here...

                Denny... what can I say? Thank you for your son... I'm sorry you didn't get to see your grandson... but in a way, I think you did...

                Pam... you were too young... I hope you are at peace now, in a better place

                ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼


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                  Just resently my boyfriend's brothers just dyed on 9/25/05 in a car accident. Tony is still devistated over it and is even thinking about moving back to his parents house to take care of his other brother and sister. I don't have a big long story behind this just my love is sent to Danny and CJ who are now in Summerland.
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                    About a year and a half ago my best friend Chelsea died of what we believe to be an accidental drug overdose. She was 20. She was an extraordinary person who was just completely non judgemental, and always up for an adventure or even a non adventure. She could make anything fun.
                    Fond memories include the time we did a ritual together that involved burying something, but we had forgotten to bring shovels, so we ended up using our spoons. Another time we went to a Phish concert, and another time we went to see Rent...
                    Something I'll always remember about her was that she always complained about being poor, probably because she always spent her money on books.
                    She was never afraid to say the thing that no one else would say.
                    She had problems though, a drug addiction being one.
                    If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't have gone so long without seeing her near the end, when she obviously needed the support more.
                    Chelsea, I raise my glass to you, filled with non alcoholic beer. I hope you found peace, wherever you may be now. My wish is that I see you again. And, we continue our adventures.
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                      Two years ago, on December 23th my grandmother pasted away. I had such a close relationship with her. She was a very selfless person and always put other people first. I hope she knows how much I miss and love her. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her.

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                        My memory is of my mom who passed away in April from complications due to cancer (infections and a weak remaining lung killed her, not the cancer itself.) She was the "cool" mom, the only mom I know with no qualms about donning spike heels and leather skirts. She was the type of parent you could tell anything to, even though she was oversensitive at times and could drive you nuts with it!

                        She fully accepted my spiritual path, and I never had to fear wearing my star around her. She pushed me to live my life how I wanted while my dad's side of the family pushed me to conform. If it wasn't for her prompting, I probably wouldn't be a business owner right now. Not that she told me to start a business, but her encouragement all my life helped me have enough self esteem to take a risk such as this. While most of my life people have disliked me for my independence, and have gone out of their way to try to crush me, she made sure I stayed up on my pedestal to shine.

                        She led a hard life and died a hard death. But I know she's okay now, somewhere where no one can hurt her anymore, where she can be the angel she always loved. But I miss her dearly, and this time of year is really hard now.

                        This has been a difficult few years. This year I lost my mom, one of my great aunts, my step-grandmother's close friend who was like one of the family, and my brother's girlfriend's son who died two months ago of a drug overdose. Two years ago I lost both my blood grandmothers in one year. I've had numerous pets pass, including my rabbit I had for 9 years, a few hamsters, and two rats and one gerbil that were rescues and needed a nice home to spend the last few months of their lives.

                        I keep a Cloth of Remembrance, which was actually a sheet of paper for the longest time, which contains the names of all those in your life that have passed on. I finally got an actual cloth and was saddened to see how many entries there were. *sigh* But so it is...


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                          My Mum.
                          My wonderful, quirky, singing, cake-baking Mum. Obsessed with tidying, and order. Always living up to standards no-one else could reach, but always there as a friend and as my Mum, even when I didn't want to tell her what was on my mind.
                          The months since may 12th have been hard, and I miss her at the most unlikely moments, but every time I get the chance to sing, I remeber her and her voice.

                          She won't be forgotten.

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                            mum, whom left this world o so long,
                            i ask once more to hear your song,

                            blood of my blood ,
                            i call ye forth,
                            east south west and north,
                            be here with me, once again,
                            and help to lift my aching pain,
                            you are the wind which blows around,
                            you are the spirit , now in the ground,
                            blood of mine, i call unto thee,
                            by my will i set ye free.

                            mum ' i miss you every day.


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                              Barb was the mother of a co-worker/close friend of mine. I just learned today that she passed suddenly 6 days ago.
                              She was a warm wonderful woman. Whenever we went out, it was Barb, Gail and Kels (grandmom, daughter, grandaughter) and me. She always made me feel like part of the family, and always laughed and smiled.

                              Barb, I will always have a Guiness ready to share with you any time you are near.
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                                I never got to meet my mother's father. He died when she was barely an adult, and I know little about the man. He used to call my mom "Queenie" (because she was the oldest of eight) and "would have loved me". But I always felt like I grew up knowing him.