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    Although it's been over 13 years since I lost my mom, it still hurts like it was yesterday. I miss her so much. I probably should have told her how much she meant to me than I did... but I think she knows that now. I love you, Mom.


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      It's been 6 months since my dear Mama passed over to the Summerlands & I still have the urge to pick up the phone & give her a call. Mama, I feel as if I'm in suspended animation,just waiting for you to come back to me. I feel lost in an abyss of loneliness since you've left.
      Great Spirit, please give me the strength to move on in my life & come to accept my Mama's passing & please let Mama know how much I love & appretiate her. Mama, watch over my lil family. I love you more than I can say & miss you desperately. I even miss your ditsy lil ways. Mama, I never got the chance to tell you.....You are, were & always will be my best friend. Rest well Mama.... We will be together again in Paradise someday.
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        Its been a year since we lost Nobie, and I still miss her so much. We also remember Dimebag gone almost 2 years now, Grandma pookie gone 5 years, and Mom, gone 23 years.
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          It's been eight months since she passed and I still remember that day. It haunts me still. I try my best to remember the good times and not that morning I found her dead. I know that her spirit has moved on-- that she is where she needs to be. I will miss her always. Our Fritz, Hathor-Neferfitty. The little Cow-Kitty we saved and gave us the gift of life: Mulder and Abyss. She lives on with them and in the hearts of us all.

          You're time with me and on this plane were short, I only hope you experieced what you need to move on.
          Coconut, I'm sorry for doing what I did to you. It was the only want I knew to ease you're suffering and pain. I meant no malice in it.

          It's been 6 years since you were shot and killed that Christmas morning. You were taken from us so suddenly in a senseless act. I know we don't talk about you much, but that doesn't mean we forgot. You were a great cat, loved by us all. I know you remember Fitty, keep her company if you can.

          To the Unknowns.
          For all the people that have died.


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            My grandmother. She really was my mother. She was the source of my self-esteem. She was my teacher. She made me who I am and helped me survive a childhood I do not think I could have survived without her. She passed on several years ago in the 90s from a stroke. She knew it was her time, and she was ready to go. At that point, she knew I had my husband and that he was a good man who would take care of me from there on; she felt comfortable enough to go, which is what she wanted to do for years before she actually did. She visited me only once after her death, in a dream. I miss you grandma. Your love and wise words are with me to this day.

            A little wild cottontail baby bunny we named Foo. I found Foo near our pool last August. Foo had escaped her warren when it was destroyed by the neighbor's bulldozer. She had an injured eye, so I knew I had to try to help her. She was so cute and sweet. She immediately took to us. I tried to set her free once for fear she should not survive under my care (wild rabbits are very difficult to rescue), and she refused; she hopped back onto my foot and stayed there. She also survived a trip to the vet to get care for her infected eye. Foo became a living symbol of hope and desire to live and survive against the toughest challenges. During this time, my daughter and I seriously bonded while caring for Foo; it was a joint effort. We found ourselves living for Foo. We would do anything for her. In return, she would lick us and hop about happily. Unfortunately, the milk we had fed her upset her GI balance, and Foo developed bloat. We tried to save her, but she passed very my hands with daughter watching and crying over her along with me. Foo got a Queen's burial. We buried Foo with her favorite snuggling sock and notes and poems from both of us. Foo's song for her funeral was "Baby of Mine" from the Disney movie, Dumbo. We mourned Foo after her passing, even though we had only known her for 10 short days. It really hurt when she passed. I have had a lot of pets in my life, some for years, but Foo was really something. She passed by our lives so quickly and taught us one of our biggest lessons; what pure unconditional love feels like, both to give it and to receive it.

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              My cat, best friend, my familiar, my soul mate. It's been 6 years since you passed. I miss you still and thank you for the love you gave me when I was so alone, empty, and depressed. You inspired me, helped me survive, and saved me from myself. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you or miss you. I love you my friend. You visited me even after you passed always looking out for me. I hope that one day I can live up to you! Always in my heart, always.

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                Who do we remember and share this year? Who has a story to tell?
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                  I still miss Jamie terribly. A life taken way too young, three little ones without a mom. The issues that I have had to go through since her death. I know she is never too far away and watches over her kids, two that are too young to have much real memory of her besides what I try to keep alive in them. I also miss their best friend who died almost exactly a year before Jamie, Chad is also keeping watch over the kids, it was his promise. I told him when he was having trouble accepting what was ahead that he would be in a much better place to watch over them, the smile he got told me he agreed, he seemed to be a little more at ease after that.
                  I am a genealogist, so of course, I miss the people that I keep memories alive for future generations too, and often wish I could have known them.

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                    This year at Samhain I remeber my uncle. He passed three years ago this May.
                    The most amazing man that helped me to find my path. He is one blessed man. I miss him so.

                    I also am remebering my beloved Angel and Zander my two beutiful rats
                    I had angel long before Zander and when Zander came i was sure I found Angel again. I miss them both... They were my buddies.

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                      This year I remember Beowulf my bunny (avatar pic) who died last Nov 10 (which also happens to be hubby's bday). I miss him each and everyday!! He was amazing and one of my familiars. He slept on the bed with me, he followed me around and he sent me dreams when he wasnt feeling well. I miss him so much!!

                      I also remember my grandmother who died in January. She lived a great life and died at the ripe old age of 104!! She was an amazing woman and I'm sorry that I didnt get to spend more time with her as we lived in different provinces.


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                        I miss you

                        You are a reminder to me every day that I should never give up.
                        No matter what horrible things I may suffer through, fight for, and face every day, I am reminded by your memory that I need to keep pushing, keep walking, running, flying, and never give in.
                        I remember your stubbornness, and your willingness to fight for everyone, and yet never forgetting yourself, and your needs. As a high school drop out, you still walked into a college and told them if they didn't like your artwork, that it would be appriciated elsewhere. and it was. Over 500 people showed up to your wake, some of them even strangers to you, but all of them admirers of your work and just how beautiful your heart and soul really was.
                        I miss you Danielle. As your little sister, even as you have passed I still look up to you, and I still feel you, guiding me every step of the way.

                        I remember crying so hard and feeling like the one and only key to you was lost, the day your beloved, Dan died. I miss you too Dan. We were close and yet so far from each other, I could see why Danielle loved you so, and in the two years between your deaths, I know she waited for you. Your talent was just as deep as hers, and never ending. You always had a soft smile for me, and hug that I knew came from the very depths of you, I was your little sister too. I feel you in the music, in the beats I know could only be your own hearts.

                        Ian. You always told me I was too pretty to be not smiling at 5:30am when we were in choir. You told me that I had a great voice- talent unprecedented. Which I never believed.
                        You had a series of smiles I adored. One, when you were being polite, social. One when you were really laughing your silly head off. And one, my favorite, that said "I just did something REALLY bad.... and it's hilarious!"

                        I miss you all. My heart aches each year without you. I love you.
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                          What a nice idea, thank you !

                          My Dad passed away almost 2 years ago. He died peacefully here in my home in Hopsice. We had family and friends come to sit with him and tell stories . He couldn't respond, I believe he could still hear. I would sit and take him on journeys with me when I was a child. He used to take me fishing to his favorite fishing hole , I was about 5 or 6. It was the most beautiful place, very magical, the water was so clear you could see the reflection of the sky and trees in it. I love that memory of us together. I have more but that was the one that I love the most.

                          Miss you Dad.....
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                            My grandpa died the day before this thread was originally made, but this is the first time I've seen it around. I loved him so much and I never really told him this, although I'm sure he knew. There are so many memories I could share. He was a very caring man, and very Italian. I wish I'd known him better, I wish I'd of asked him more questions about his life.

                            I wish I could remember more than I can. When I was just a kid, maybe 7 or 8, he'd take me, my sister, and my cousin to his friend Rod's house and he play poker with a bunch of his friends. He loved poker, and dominoes! We'd run around the poker table and every time he won a hand he'd give me a quarter and call me his good luck charm. I loved playing dominoes with him, whenever you had to go to the bone yard (draw extra pieces because you can't play the ones you have) he'd always laugh and say Ooo you've got to go to the bone yard! in this huge Italian voice.

                            *hugs* to all who've lost someone


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                              For Mum and John - miss you both.

                              I was blessed to have known you.
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                                For Lorelei, our little girl.... born sleeping into the arms of the goddess. She touched our hearts more than anyone ever has, or will. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her. Loved and missed always by mommy, daddy, her big sister and 2 little brothers..
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