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  • Please dear lady either bring him home or help us find some means of work and a home to get us down there. Please this is driving a wedge between us all and it is not fair to the kids or us.

    I try to see the lesson in this but I am being a bit whimpy right now and want it to stop.
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    • Dear Lady everything is coming together one by one
      Please let AJ and Krissy arrive safely
      and let us have a save journey to our new home
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      • Dear Lady please let him
        get home safely to us.
        And keep us safe this week and get us to our new home.
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        • Dear Lady on this day of remembrance
          I remember and honour my grandma today
          She was a strong loving person
          who took me in at the age of 2
          she was the one who taught me right from wrong
          and I really think she is the reason I am
          the person I am today when it comes to ethics
          and interests.

          So where ever she is right now I hope she knows
          I still love her and miss her very much.


          My son is 7 today and he is a blessing every day
          To this on Sahmain years ago today he almost did not
          make it into the world. I believe though grandma and
          him did meet and was pushed in the right direction.
          Since then all I can say is he sure has brought home the
          true meaning of Sahmain to me.

          With these two the circle of life have come full turn when grandma left
          a new life was growing and now we have my son who is
          a true blessing and a prayer answered.

          Happy birthday Sylvan and I wish you all the happiness and
          joy possible and hope your birthday is a happy one.


          Dear Lady please let us find a home today and
          not have to go to a shelter
          this is not the way I wanted to spend Sylvans
          birthday or any other time
          So please guide us and help us where you can
          to where we need to be
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          • Dear Lady it is 8 years today she was taken away
            and the family fell apart
            8 years ago today all the new lessons started
            and with all my heart I prayed
            that she would not be forgotten

            And here we are now with the little things slipping away
            the sound of her voice the feel of her presence
            and touch
            it is some times emotional and very tough
            to beleive she is gone some where never to be seen

            So dear lady be with me and the kids today
            and please let us embrace what we feel
            and start to do some healing today.
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            • Dear Lady please be with my children at this time of transition
              to heal the hurt and to learn what they need to at this time
              And help me grieve, and move forward being the best I can be for
              myself and for them.
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