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  • There All Along

    And even though I felt Alone and Wronged, You have been there all along.

    Never Abandoned here are we, not unless We choose to Be.

    To see what They see up above, merely needs the eyes of Love.

    When I forget these words I've hidden, remind Me to read What I've written.

    And though I know I'll fail again, This time I will not fear the End.

    Please let me continue to learn from my mistakes and not push away those that I love...let me help out of kindness and not just for recognition. Let my life unfold in the way that it was best intended. I do not pretend to understand what you are, and yet every day another piece of this beautiful puzzle falls into place, to where I am convinced there is something more...somewhere on another dimension, and yet the portal to that dimension can only be found within me...there is a guild of help waiting to be needed...all I needed was to believe.

    Originally posted by MockingbirdOxygen View Post
    A bump and a quote... and praying for help to cut her cord if that is the right thing to do. Finally realized... if amber's talking about Bugsy behind her back, then she's also doing the same to me... as well as calling her crazy to me, probably calling me crazy to her, too?... hahah well she might be vamping all the energy off the christian gatherings she attends... (she's definitely not christian... she makes fun of that) but she can't have mine.

    And Oh Great One... cover all this in peaceful prayers, because really, it's all too trivial to mess with... and I need help staying focused on my own truly blessed and gifted life. And it's funny, too... to know I am important enough for them to try and OM. Quite flattering. Spiritual warfare will never be won on the outside, it's an inside battle. Kingdom of Heaven is within ME... focus on that and bring the Inner to the Outter, as above so below, etc. So enough's enough, off they go, and so it is.

    And the most important pieces of the puzzle are in place but under lock and key... never post that part out loud

    Just help me remember to deal with everyone through Love... even when they need put in their place. I used to know this... and thankfully, N reminded me of that. Help me heal on the inside. Even the family stuff... you can heal without re-bonding, right/ Because I am not ready for closeness with hubby's other relatives...not yet... he may have been young, she may have been very young too (8 ? Is that normal?)when she "molested him"... but... it is still just too too weird for me when they are around each other.

    Originally posted by MockingbirdOxygen View Post
    Happy Birthday.

    Also... thank you for the confirmation that those who want to own the info only post hints... and are not true friends. Pathetic, yet I am ecstatically happy to finally have it come out and know I was being given true info from the other side. They really are pathetic and I am at a loss for words... Deal with them as you see fit, My Great Power. Hopefully with Mercy, so that they just learn and are not harmed. Presently blocking them and returning their energies, thank ye kindly but no thank ye. And now, I go. To my other avatars and other places, and to my real life loves. Never to put my trust in the red dog again.
    (Lynn Andrews -red dog)

    Ah, Reader's Digest, but not for me... Reader's Defacated?

    Last edited by MockingbirdOxygen; June 27th, 2010 at 09:57 PM. Reason: Retroactivation additional info just to verify nonidentities; any resemblence to real life characters is purely coincidental.
    There is Power in Belief, even if the word lie is embedded therein.
    If someone attempts to plant something in your mind, take that which would be perceived as negative and transmute it into something better for the both of you, and for all whom it touches. Great Oneness, Do grant me the power to Love even those who would not lovE in return, and the peace of forGiveness. Aum, and so it is.
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    ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼

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    May there be a miracle in your life today & may you have the eyes to see it.


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      Thank You

      Thank you for those who have loved me and then gone on
      Thank you for not giving me what I thought I wanted
      Thank you for letting me open my eyes
      Thank you for making me a stronger person
      Thank you for allowing me to keep a little of each of them with me
      Thank you for my creative insanity
      Thank you, for the ups and the downs
      Without them I would not be where I am now
      And though I longingly reminisce about the days of my youth
      I know that I would not go back if I could
      For I stand here before you today at 33
      Better than ever.

      ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼


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        it is ok.
        This time i am chaning my sigy before Angelus_Errare tells me too.


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          That prayer of thanks could also be mine.
          May there be a miracle in your life today & may you have the eyes to see it.


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            More Thanks

            And thank you for all that has led to my life precious family and loving husband who takes such good care of me and them... :hearthear I thought it was he who needed me, but turns out was the other way around...

            ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼


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              When will I learn

              when will I learn that the moment you declare yourself strong again

              some low life will come along and try to drag you down with them

              try to make it seem like they know it all when they haven't the authority

              to tell you what they deem true

              someone who, not so long ago, you tried to help out

              when they themselves were singled out

              and I, like the fool, would play right into the hand

              like a low life myself

              take the bait

              not realizing

              oh how I am glad

              that I wrote this reminder to myself

              oh how I am glad

              for the others who still care

              oh how I am glad

              that I am human

              that I am allowed to hate myself for a while and then get back up off it

              and use the inspiration to write a new song on a new day

              the lyrics, they write themselves

              ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼


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                Let the beauty you love, be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.- Rumi

                I'd say a thousands words if I knew just which one would make your heartbeat.

                Love All, Trust Few, and Do Wrong to No one- Shakespear


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                  And back again
                  Did not land on my feet, but hey, that's what butts are so cushy for, right?
                  Getting the hang of this thing you call life
                  Figuring myself out
                  Thank you again
                  for Growth

                  ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼


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                    *symbolically lighting a candle for Martin Luther King Jr. Day*

                    Taking SacredWithin's suggestion, in remembrance: Send him thoughts of appreciation from us.
                    Peace? I've hardly created any. Fueled one too many fires, sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a not-so-good way...and yet it all comes back to the learn.
                    Last edited by MockingbirdOxygen; January 17th, 2005, 03:13 PM.

                    ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼


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                      Still just checking in...and hanging in...and trying to remember there is a reason.

                      Trying not to question it so much.

                      Trying to just let go and forget about myself...if I can help someone else, maybe I will get over myself? And then, the ironic beauty is, I will find myself.

                      ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼


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                        I don't know if I handled it very well...

                        Why did he have to use that word at school?

                        And why did he have to get caught?

                        How can I not feel...angry...sorry...and hypocritical all in one...?

                        What do I tell them?

                        Was my typewritten letter a little too harsh?

                        So it is not least he's just messing around with his language...he's not embodying the word, the way the school officials do to those who do not have money and do not there that much difference in saying it and acting it out in deceit?

                        ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼


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                          Today, I could not quit crying.

                          But then tonight, I came to this beautiful place, where I could be my goofy-ful self.

                          Thank you.

                          ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼


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                            Valentine's Day Thankfulness

                            Thank you for my little blessings
                            They wear me out, but they are good

                            Thank you for my one true love
                            I never knew you could marry someone and still desire them and still be best friends

                            Thank you for my dysfunctional extended family, they make me feel sane by comparison, and we love each other anyway.

                            So much love and light, what better day to give thanks than today? And yet every day I should do the same, and I try, but sometimes the trivial little bits of crap get in the me to remember, please, in a good way.

                            Every night when I roll over, and he is there, a ball of warmth in my home court, my heart feels as though it might burst...when I see him feeding our son, tears come to my eyes...when I see him trying so hard to be a dad to my oldest two, I can't help but think of all of this and wonder...WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!! :toofless: You knew I had to get over my tenderhearted fluff and end it with a good laugh, didn't ya?

                            ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼


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                              Okay, I see your signs.

                              I don't always understand, but I'm piecing things together as they come.

                              Have patience with me.

                              Sometimes when I ask for signs, then I forget to watch.

                              How stupid is that?

                              Somewhere, you're all coming together for me...the Green Man, the references to 3, the Labyrinth, Horse, Druids, Buddha, China. I'm being inundated with the information right now, so I need time to sort things out. Some of the references I begin to understand. Some, I don't have a clue.

                              Sometimes it's staring me right in the face.

                              Like now.

                              ♥¥ Love and Light☮☼