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  • Energy for Flar7, Friends, and Family

    Folks. Semele called a little while ago and informed me that Flar7's oxygen support has been removed at his request. Please keep him in your thoughts for a safe and quick passage.

    He is surrounded by his friends and family and he is ready.

    We love ya, Joe. We won't ever forget you.

    Also, we are going to open the HaM program because there is no money for flar's funeral. If you can donate via paypal, please do so here:

    If you need a snail mail address, please email me by clicking here.

    Thanks, everyone.


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    My thoughts and prayers are with Flar....go in peace, sweet man
    for Freyja and calming comforting prayers.
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    May there be a miracle in your life today & may you have the eyes to see it.


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      Swift journey, old buddy... the place just won't be the same...
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        Easy and speedy journey......
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          I am moving this to Just Talk. At least until we are done with the HaM stuff. Thanks, everyone.



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            Just started sending this letter out:

            He was born... ( know, I was going to look at his profile to remind myself of the actual year he was born, but he entered 1902 in there. Joe would have wanted me to admit this.) Flar7 joined this community on August 1st, 2001. He was invited by Semele, his friend and nurse. Flar7 has battled with a disease known as Cystic Fibrosis for a very long time. Longer than most. Semele called a little while ago and informed me that Flar7's oxygen support has been removed at his request. He is not expected to make it very long, but he is currently surrounded by his friends and family. Freyja and Semele are at his bedside. He is ready, folks.

            We are going top open up the HaM program. Freyja is going to need a lot of help with the funeral arrangements. She has none. If you can help, please do. Please send energy.

            To make a donation to the HaM program for Freyja using paypal, please go to this thread:

            The donation link is in the first post. It's much easier to do it this way, because some email programs tend to mangle the link.

            If you need a snail mail address please email me at: version2 AT

            Thanks, everyone.
            mol & Semele
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              Safe Journy Flar, at least now you can be free of pain.
              And Freya your in my thoughts and prayers.
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                Oh my god. I had no idea it'd gotten to this point. I know we're supposed to be glad he's moving on but in all honesty this is devastating. Well Flar you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you and your family peace and happiness.
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                  Bright Blessings, and a gentle entrance to the beyond, Flar7.


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                    Joe, I will raise my voice to help sing you to your journey.

                    I would like to formally propose this for our community:

                    Once the HaM has helped Freya with the sorrowful business of the funeral, we set up a seperate charity fund from the HaM, dedicated In mememorium Flar7, will all proceeds to benefit the fight against CF. This Fund would have a link for donations in an prominate place, such as in the Banner, and would allow us as a family to remember our Brother and Freind, in infinium. Let us make this a full-time cause for our community, instead of an annual drive.


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                      May the Angels of God stand by his bedside,to offer comfort and peace,amen.


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                        Joe, safe passage, my friend, taking along with you Vetteman's and my love and prayers. Be lifted gently into the Light, and know that Pure Love waits for you.

                        Freyja, my clay sister (and so much more!), be surrounded by the love of your friends and family -- we are with you even if we aren't in your sight. May you be lifted by the prayers and energies of those from around the world, who keep you in their hearts.

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                          Safe journey my friend
                          family and friends
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                            to his family and friends.
                            Lots of peaceful energies sent.
                            You will always be in my heart.
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                              Flar... you're a braver man than most of us, to choose to ring your own death knell. I admire you for making the choice your own. May the Divine grant you a quick, painless passage to the Beyond and welcome you there with open arms and joyous greetings.

                              Freyja, courageous among women... my most honest thoughts are with you,lady, at this time. Much energy and love will be sent your way, now and in the days and weeks to follow. I'm here for you... we're here for you... know that you and your beloved are most loved, now and Always...

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