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  • Help for a newly practising pagan

    The other night, while meditating and casting a spell to let go of the past, the shape of a man with horns appeared in the smoke of my sage incense and scared me. That night, a woman dressed all in white with golden blonde hair holding open a big old book came to me in a dream telling me to choose a path and not to be scared. I woke up feeling at peace but really confused. I don't know what to make of all this. Can anyone help explain this?

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    Honestly it's a bit difficult to give a good answer as there are a number of possibilities. That said I'll give it a few possibilities.

    1. The man in the mist fits the typical "Satan" figure. I don't know your religious background but a great many practitioners come from a Christian background and carry a lot of dogma with them. Part of that dogma is a fear of damnation and hell fire on a subliminal level within their mind. So it's not really surprising such a figure might appear and would cause you to experience fear as part of your initial weaning away from a Christian practice and beginning of an Occultish practice.

    2. The virginal looking Goddess all in white, often blond haired if the opposite of the Satan figure. That was a figure I often heard the new practitioner describe as encountering as well. It's sort of the ideal feminine image and power that many are seeking. In that regard it's not even the idea of the Patriarchy / Matriarchy model that is depicted in Christianity vs paganism typically. It's more of a newness or freshness that is promised or hoped for, perhaps even being sough for.

    3. Perhaps just how I've seen it but that same woman in white is also a motherly figure. She holds that figure role for many in that she encourages but also gives sort of an implied permission on a psychological level. She tells you not to be afraid just as you'd hope or expect your actual mother to do. But is also supportive as many see their mother being yet also there to catch them if it looks like they are going to stumble or fall. You really don't look at it actively as it is more a subliminal thing where you just know she is there. Same here, she tells you to pick a path and not be scared because you know she is there, behind you, supporting you. And in many ways she is also within you a strength that is passed down.

    4. White usually indicates both purity and divinity / spirit. But that one is also driven by practice and belief for white can also represent death depending upon ones belief system. But for the majority of people they associate it with purity and divinity / spirit world. Which would suggest it is coming from somewhere beyond you and higher than you. Now whether that is your own higher self, an actual divinity or even a spirit influence its hard to say. It could be anyone of those or even your own ID for that matter pushing you forward.

    5. The book is harder to explain for that is more of a symbol. When it comes to symbols some have universal meaning, such as the book usually represents knowledge. Yet it also relies upon what a symbol means to the person who is dreaming about the symbol. "Holding Open a big old book" can mean a lot of things. An open book means nothing if you can not look in an read it. Same as if you do not know the language it is written in, again it means nothing for you do not possess the ability to gain knowledge from the book. If the book is turned away from you it means nothing. So what was the symbol and how was the symbol utilized is just as important as the symbol itself. But also what did or does the symbol mean to you? A book can be a book and mean nothing if it means nothing to you.

    6. The man with the horns appeared and scared you but did you ask yourself why? If you were releasing your past or trying to release it then why would the horned one appear? You cold equate him with a Satan figure. But you could also equate him with the masculine figure of the Woodsman, the Huntsman, The Wild which is the unbridled and unbound or uncivilized. That aspect does not recognize gender in regards to male or female but recognizes masculine & feminine with regards to energy and I suppose movement & actions. Seeing masculine within the feminine and feminine within the masculine as it moves in nature and the wilderness.


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      That really helps, you've given me a lot to think about. Thankyou.


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        I dont know how to make a forum myself. But I am currently trying tofigure out my religon. I was raised Christian. I have had my prayers answered continually. But I have recently strayed from the conservative beliefs. I've been told my straying correlates with pagenism. Can anybody help me on trying to figurethis out?


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          My children are going through the same dilemma right now. Here is what I told them:

          What you need to ask yourself is *what do you believe?* not according to a specific religion but to you personally.
          Once you've established what you believe in, then go research what corresponds to that belief and decide if that religion speaks to you, if it resonates with you. If it truly is paganism, great. If not, that's ok too. Do a bit of soul searching. Some people go through many different religions before they find one that feels right and there's nothing wrong with that. There is no right or wrong answer here. It's all about how you feel.

          I hope this helps.


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            Just for consideration you also need to ask yourself what is the difference between religion and spirituality. Many people tend to confuse them. I've found that people get hung up for instance in Christianity in the Dogma of the Religion and it's human restrictions and never realize they still believe in the spirituality of it. Yet they are so lost in the dogma that there is the conflict that is crushing them not the actual spirituality of being a Christian.