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  • I turned 59 this year, just a few days ago in fact on the 16th. Honestly don't recall if I voted in this poll previously or not. But then there is physical age, psychological age, body ache age (today mine feels about 100 to be honest with this snow, he he he) and I suppose spirit and heart age. Those counter's I can't begin to guess at, they might be as low as 1 and as high as a thousand. One moment my wife says I'm acting like a baby, my son's say a crazy old man with many decades of knowledge and my grandchildren say I'm everything in between.
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    • Age 58 this year, body ache age too funny 100+, mental age not sure too much brain fog these days , years seems to fly by at greater speed each passing year.


      • I'm 30, and feeling every minute of it lol
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        • 30 something but I got an "Oh Wow" while buying beer today so I'll take that as evidence I still look younger than my calendar age.


          • i'm 47.... but today's a good day where i don't feel my age XD
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            • I'm 60. I'll turn 61 this September.
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