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    How do I know? I have eyes in the back of my head.


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      <--- a woggle of potato witches
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        Don't miss "PotatoGeist", starring Fried T. Nelson and JoBaked Williams. A family moves into a new tract house that was built on top of a potato garden where the last harvest was left underground. The enraged potatoes make the oven overheat causing a house fire, and when the family escapes they find that their youngest child is missing.
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          I found it I found it.

          Did you know you can use grated potato in your homemade facials?
          it gets rid of puffyness and dark circles.

          If potatos have eyes... do you think they'd wear mascara?


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            I saw a Spiderman Mr. PotatoeHead at Walmart!!
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              I found you!

              I absolutely HATE the dry, dusty feeling that potatoes have before I wash them. Blech.

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                TATERS :D

                So is this thread the desere taters? or sweet taters? Sweet taters would be more appropriate in the Heath forum. Everyone loves Low GI Carbs. ^_^
                - Inky.


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                  Got Tater!!

                  Man I love sweet taters.

                  Let's give the Po-ta-toes a pedicure!!
                  TANTALUS! Join us.

                  Thank you Mouse for the banner!

                  "I want something good to die for to make it beautiful to live" - QOTSA


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                    I'm telling you darling, you really must try the health club.
                    Just look at what it has done for me.
                    Am I not just absolutely fabulous?

                    But dont try the tanning beds.
                    My friend did and she, well...
                    lets just say it wasnt pretty, poor dear.
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                      Potatoes are METAL!


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                        I need my dream interpreted. It was about this potato. I kept trying to skin it...and the skin would NOT come off.

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                          I dreamed I was gazing into a potato and then it went all hazy.. and then I saw spud man dancing

                          what can it mean??



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                            It means you need some french fries Hope.

                            According to this dream dictionary,


                            To see potatoes in your dream, symbolizes laziness and/or stupidity.

                            To see or eat mashed potatoes in your dream, suggests that you are experiencing concerns over financial matters.

                            Potato Chips

                            To see or eat potato chips in your dream, symbolizes your overindulgent behavior.


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                              laughs -- and the hot potato moves to divination

                              hmmm can you use it when it cools down OR only when it is hot to divine your future?



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                                Now I'm picturing a form of divination using the pattern of sprouting eyes on an old potato. Kind of like tea-leaf reading, only...much scarier.
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