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  • Are you in school?

    Who here is in school to earn a degree? What is your Major? Is this your first degree? What are your career prospects?

    I am in school to earn my BSN and License in Nursing. I have 2 more years left, as I am taking a part time program (evenings and weekend rotations at the hospital). I am loving it! After getting an associates in European History when I was younger, but never moving forwards to earn the credits to get a BA (because I was young and stupid, and started popping babies), I ended up working for a decade in a preschool taking care of infants and toddlers. I loved doing it! Especially the infant room. However, now that my kids are old enough, and our financial situation (though tight) allows me to stay at home and focus on school and the kids - It was the right time for me to get back to school, and earn a degree in a profession I look forward to working in! I am very eager to focus on either Pediatric Nursing, Neonatal Nursing, or Labor & Delivery. My end goal will be to earn an MSN and specialize as a CRNP (Certified Nurse Practitioner) in one of those fields. Right now I am on winter break, and my Spring Semester starts in mid January. I get to do OB/Labor & Delivery rotation this semester, and I couldn't be more excited! I have another class, "Health Assessment" this upcoming semester. Additionally, I was accepted into an Undergraduate Independent Research Project Program at my school. This is an independent research paper and project where I will explore the history and trends in Midwifery. My school is funding it (woohoo!), and I'll be presenting my work in the Spring, then earning an additional 3 credits towards my degree. I am also in the midst of waiting (patiently..... not patiently...) for news from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where I applied for a summer Externship and a summer Fellowship there. If I get in, it will be a killer summer (as I still have 2 classes in the summer as well at school - Pharmacology and Acute Care, with rotations on Med/Surg floors), plus all my kiddos will be home from school... BUT - no rest for the wicked!

    I can't stand NOT being busy and having deadlines... So... That's what I'm doing LOL


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    Nope, not in school at the moment.

    I drop out of university in the last year, and went on to vocational college to earn a degree in softwe architecture.

    That was 20 years ago. (By Odin, I'mma gettin old!)

    Every now and then I toy with the idea of picking up a course and earn a certificate in a field with which I'm familiar. This month I received my CPR/AED certificate. That made me happy.
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      Nope, I finally finished my degree last year. I'm still adjusting to NOT being in school, because I was IN school for so. freaking. long.

      I'm looking forward to hearing about your independent research project! That sounds SO cool.
      The possibilities are endless.


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        Finally finished my MLIS this past August, after taking one class at a time for the past five years! I'm currently working two jobs, so I don't have time to do formal classes I do want to go back for a certificate, (either for paralegal studies or library science) or some form of advanced study at some point...
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