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  • International Pen-pals?

    Does anyone have experience with pen pals where English is their second language?

    I don't talk to many people, in real life or online, but recently I came across a pen pal site and joined, thinking it might be fun. And if not, meh. I even made a new e-mail for it, just in case weirdos or spammers flooded me. Luckily they haven't so far. Well, except for the guy in Ghana who said he was a Major in the US military and living on base. I called him on his BS and he hasn't replied

    Anyway, I started to talk (via email) with a Turkish guy. I said I'd help him practice his English skills, which he said he needed help with. He needs to improve his English for his career and school (he says he's in a master program and writing a thesis). So far we've just been sharing vague info about each other. I tend to do more talking than he does. Though, today as promised he told me about Istanbul. I'd like to help him out more, but I'm not sure how exactly. I've asked him a few times, how I could help him, for example, going over his exam material or answering any questions he had about words or whatever. He hasn't expanded on that...yet. Anyway, he seems like a nice guy though, so I'll see where things go with that.

    When I was younger, via the community center they arranged for a US-Vietnam exchange. I had one for a short time. Someone had to translate her letters though, because they were all in Vietnamese! Which must mean, someone had to translate mine. It was fun, though. But all very vague -- ages, grade in school, family info, etc.

    Besides that, I've talked to a few people in chatrooms before. But holy hell, their command of the English language was horrid. And discussion was lame, if not awkward. I've tried to talk to some French people before, but because my high school teacher never taught us passé composé in my classes (no idea why! I took it for two years!), I'm not exactly fluent...and things would get confused. Heh.

    Anyway, I'm sort of rambling...
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    well English is my second language (i'm French), and I used to have an american pen pal, but that was quite long ago.
    My boyfriend has an American pen pal studying French. He writes to her in French, and when she writes in French (which is not always the case), he tells her about the mistakes in her letter.
    I had an experience with a French Pagan pen pal more recently, but she didn't answear my mails...
    If you're interested in a French Pagan pen pal, i'd love to exchange with you !