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"Witch Crafts" is out... what do you think?

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  • "Witch Crafts" is out... what do you think?

    Just to let y'all know and 'cause people asked, I wanted to say that my book is now available on and in stores. The full title is "Witch Crafts: 101 Projects for Creative Pagans" (the cover sucks so bad! Ignore the cover!!) If you've seen the book, I'd love to know what you think of it. Thanks!
    Willow Polson

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    gonna try to split this so that it appears in the book forum too!
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      What section of the bookstores are they putting it in? I've been looking for it ever since the first thread about it got posted and I can't find it...I can't order it online. Gotta get my new bank account set up first!
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        Depends on the book store, I would imagine. 8-) Most will probably put it in with "new age" or whatever they're calling the Pagan section these days. You could ask someone working there and generate even more buzz... 8-)
        Willow Polson


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          well Congrats!!!! I will look for it when I am out and about.



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            Congrats! I look forward to getting it.
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              I will be looking for it. Although I might have to get my local book store to order it for me. We don't get to much in our occult section. Small town, small section.
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                Re: congrats

                Originally posted by dolphinfire
                We don't get to much in our occult section. Small town, small section.
                Sux, don't it?

                But I will keep an eye out for your book, Willow! :D


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                  And don't forget that just becuase your bookstore doen'st have it doesn't mean they won't get it for you. Just go up to the front desk and ask them to order a book for you. More than likely, they'll be happy to do so.
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                    Yeah I'll definitely be ordering it...I'll have to be on the lookout for your book too in a couple months Amber! :D
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                      Yay!! I'm so glad it's out! I'll be looking for it in the stores and online, and I'll post here when I get it. Thanks SO much for letting us know, Willow!

                      Craftily yours,

                      who loves any excuse to buy a new book :D
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                        I found it in the bookstore a few days was in the new age/occult section. I think the title threw them off. I just skimmed through it but it looks like a lot of neat crafts to try.
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                          Wow, Willow!

                          What a weird coincidence, I just finished checking my email, which told me that my copy of that book should arrive any day now from Amazon. Then I come here and see this topic! I had no idea you, the author, posted here! This is my first time even coming to this part of the board! *hums Twilight Zone theme*

                          I haven't gotten it yet, but judging from the reviews on Amazon I'm probably gonna love it. I'll letcha know what the final verdict is when I get my hands on it.

                          And the cover isn't that bad, I've seen much worse... LOL


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                            <keanu> Whoa. </keanu>

                            I hope you dig it! Please share your thoughts on Amazon too...

                            Yeah, the cover could have been much worse... I'm a real perfectionist so it'll bug me forever!
                            Willow Polson


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                              I like, I like!

                              Well, I've gotten a chance to flip through it pretty thoroughly now...overall, I like it quite a bit!

                              I like the variety of projects, and how you've avoided repeating the same crafts every other pagan book already has in them. (Like making a Brigid's Cross, a Corn Dolly, a Yule log, etc) The instructions are also very easy to read, and the illustrations are actually *useful* in almost every case. (As far as I could tell anyway, I haven't actually tried any of these projects just yet.) I'm sort of an all-over-the-place crafter, so I recognize a lot of the types of projects in here, and appreciate the pagan twist you've put on them. Some of these projects don't do much for me - I have an aversion to working with leather and most other animal products, and my embroidery and crocheting skills make spiders afraid of *me*, lol. But that's a personal preference sort of thing, I certainally don't blame the book for that!

                              Detractors from the book - I do wish there were more patterns in there. The ones you have in there are great, I just want more of them! Like the topsy-turvy dolls, I would have liked to see patterns for costumes for the Persephone dolls in addition to the robes for the Kings doll. More patterns for altar cloths, that sort of thing. I can barely stitch a buttonhole, so for me patterns are a huge help.

                              And the cover... *giggles* I think I know what you were talking about now - the front is nice but I gotta admit that yellow down the spine looks horrid next to the purple! LOL!

                              Overall, I enjoy it quite a bit, and if you ever decide to publish another book with more of the same sorts of things, I would be interested in it. If I *ever* get finished remodeling my kitchen (and therefore have some free time) you can be sure I'll be playing with some of the ideas from your book.